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Find your personal EQUILIBRIUM

Everything in life is in balance

Nature can’t be rushed, but everything gets done

Everything in life is a balance

The ups and downs of life requires a constant focus on achieving balance. When we’re in balance, we feel in harmony, we feel comfortable, we feel in a flow state and everything feels easier.

We call that state: EQUILBRIUM And it’s highly personal state that is different for everyone

Finding EQUILIBRIUM 2.0 is a 6 part programme designed to empower you to find your own personal EQUILIBRIUM across 5 dimensions of life, and maintain balance despite the context.

We’ve spend 25 years researching, experimenting and integrating to help you find EQUILIBRIUM and be the best version of you today. We can’t change the past, the future may not happen, but what we can influence is the now.

Set Yourself Up For Success With Finding EQUILIBRIUM Masterclass

– Set yourself up for success
– Have more focus
– Feel energised
– Start to build habits that support you every day
– Help yourself to feel well, included and productive

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The Finding EQUILIBRIUM Programme

Have you ever felt a sense of wonder at the way a seed planted in the ground transforms into a shoot? Or how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. This is nature at play, a perfect ecosystem that works to support life. 

Transformation is part of life,  and the surest thing about life is that it will change and we will transform. People, animals, plants, businesses are all forms of life.

As we journey through the ups and downs of life, we need to develop the skills and tools to remain in a state of EQUIIBRIUM, whatever the external context. 

Finding EQUILIBRIUM: the Path to Total Wellbeing has been designed to support you on your own, individual journey so that you can recognise when out of balance and leverage your toolset to Find EQUILIBRIUM – a magical state of flow.



  • Our unique ‘Finding EQUILIBRIUM’ Audit questionnaire to identify best opportunities to grow
  • Training resources via online learning platform (48 videos, 53 downloadable worksheets, 10 receipe cards, copy of best selling books, access to special EQu cards)
  • 1:1 & Group coaching
  • Accountability calls
  • Access to forum where you can ask questions, receive guidance


  • Whole life system, covers 5 dimensions of life that are interconnected
  • Press Pause on life and RESET
  • Draw a line under the past 
  • Take stock of the now
  • Create an energising  life vision
  • Build your foundational toolset
  • Get support to keep moving forward
  • Learn to navigate the obstacles
  • Enjoy the journey!

Where to now?

Start today, or to find out more, and to have an conversation about your situation and whether the programme is right for you, contact us at

No Questions Asked, Money Back guarantee

Order Finding EQUILIBRIUM  and get instant access to these information-packed presentations.

And, just say the word if you’re not fully satisfied–for any reason–within the first 20 days, and we’ll personally refund every penny you invested in your package. No questions asked. No hard feelings. Fair enough?

We’re so convinced that you’ll love your package and want to keep it that we’re thrilled to offer this 20-day money-back guarantee just to prove it to you. You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

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