Money Circle

Were you ever taught how to ‘be’ around money?

Most people weren’t, as it’s not in the school curriculums around the world.

Yet, we are expected to be intimately involved with money every day.  To know how to make a living.  To pay our taxes.  To get on in the world.

How do we square this?  Knowing about money is not a magical quality.  A talent for the rare gifted few.  It’s a skill that can be learned.  Just like science.  Or history.  Or knitting.

Anyone can do it.

To top it all, money is seen as a taboo topic, so not only are people suffering because they don’t have the required skills to thrive, they also don’t feel comfortable to talk about it as society feels squeamish about it.

This is why I am launching a money circle – a safe space where people can talk about money without being judged.  Without us trying to fix them.  A group where we can get off our chest some of the issues, worries and concerns that we may have been walking around with for years, maybe decades.  To realise that we are all in the same boat.  And to feel supported by others who have the same feelings as us around money.

Each month will have a theme, such as shame or guilt or feeling suffocated.  The first circle will be about REGRET.

So, do come along.  It’s totally free.

  • 100% FREE

  • A safe space – no judgements or repercussions

  • Get things off your chest

  • Hear others’ stories

  • Realise you’re not alone in your experiences

  • Support each other

Looking forward to holding a space for people to to be raw and finally be able to heal when it comes to money.


Heather Mitchell is a Holistic Money Mentor and co-Founder of Finding EQUILIBRIUM.

Combining insights from human behavioural research, emotional intelligence, psychology, quantum physics and portfolio investing, Heather helps clients shrug off unhelpful beliefs and traumas around money to build a life of abundance across the five pillars of the Finding EQUILIBRIUM model.

Heather’s extensive career in both the UK and Australia has included:
• Over 15 years as a quantitative researcher and data analyst working for some of the world’s largest brands

• Personal investing from a very young age covering all financial investment products from stocks and shares to cryptocurrencies

• An average return of over 20% per annum over the past 10 years in her personal portfolio

• Impacting hundreds of people through her Foundations of Financial Freedom programmes

• Qualifications in money management, options trading, NLP, Psych-K, marketing, kinesiology

Heather’s goal is to bring accessibility and joy to the subject of money, being a firm believer that anyone can be an investor, they just need to be pointed in the right direction.

She runs the Foundations of Financial Freedom group mentoring programme.

Heather Mitchell
Money Circle



Money Circle