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How Spending Money Is Like Eating

On first glance, how you spend your money and how you eat seem completely different things. But, if you look at it a different way, your Spending Habits are very much like your Eating Habits. Here’s what I mean. Each little cake that you eat won’t show any effect at all, so many people have a little treat now and then, or maybe they have numerous treats, each and every day. But it is not the individual treat that is important; it is the cumulative effect of all the treats added together over months, years and decades that truly counts. And that is compounding. So too with your finances. People that have healthy finances know that it is simply a set of habits and beliefs that, done consistently over time, will lead to amazing results. Each time you spend, you move a micro-meter away

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4 reasons why people don’t save and invest – and why you should do it anyway

Everyone should save and invest a percentage of their earnings. Why? Because if you don’t, you are not maximising as much value as you can from life. (I know that’s a big statement, but it’s true.) Say you receive a total of 10k in your account every month, and you simply spend the whole lot each month. Then, you would end the month with no profit. The same for the year. Nothing to show for it. Zilch. Except for the ‘stuff’ you accumulated, which is now worth a fraction of what you paid for it. However, instead of spending all of it, if you saved 10% of it (1k), then for starters you would be pocketing 12k per year. But, to get even more value from it, by investing it, you could make even more. At 5% annual return, after 10 years, you would

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Vegan London: A personal tour of London’s Plant-Based scene

Vegan London: A personal tour of London's Plant-Based scene  When I first decided to stop eating animal products back in 2006, I was hard pressed to find anything decent to eat in London’s restaurants.  Pure plant-based restaurants were few and far between, and mainstream restaurants’ vegan offerings were very limited. Looking back, it would have been so much easier to have just gone back to eating ‘normally’ as, though eating a plant-based diet made sense from a health and ethical perspective, it was just too difficult to sustain in mainstream Britain. But I was determined to stick the course, driven by a belief that plant-based living was a healthier way to live, and over time my nutritional knowledge increased which drove a whole range of new eating and shopping habits that, looking back, seemed strange to others, but became very normal for me. In truth, in


The Raw Energy Philosophy: Ignite the Raw Energy in You

HOW IS YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW? This very minute. Are you living the life you always hoped you would? Give that some thought. What did you dream you'd do as an adult, while you were growing up? Did you even know? - When you wake up in the morning, do you feel glad to be there, in that bed, in that building? - Are you lying beside the love of your life, in a mutually-fulfilling relationship? - Do you spring out of bed with lots of energy and vitality? - Do you have a spiritual connection and a great social network? - Do you have a career that fills you? - Does your bank balance make you feel abundant? - Do you regularly feel joy and gratitude? If the answer to all of these is Yes - then well done! That is awesome.

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In the Game of Money, would you be on the winning side?

When my son, Sam, was just older than a toddler, we would go to the play park and when he climbed onto the climbing frame, it was no longer a climbing frame, oh no, it was an aeroplane and we needed to help the pilot sort out something he needed fixing.  This was an epic adventure that he could absolutely spend ages working through. Further, around the park, the area underneath the slide had a little table and chairs built-in; this was our kitchen and Sam made elaborate meals for us both, that he served up with a flourish.  It didn’t matter that it was all invisible, that there was not really a fridge in the hedges and that there was nothing for our fingers to grasp hold of: to him, it was very real, very tasty and very exciting. And then, at some

Wellbeing@Work Meetup – March 14th 2019

Limited Places Available Our next Quarterly Meeting takes place on March 14th & we are delighted to welcome Mindfulness & Meditation expert Chibs Okereke who will be providing a practical session at the end of our meet-up - details below The Wellbeing @ Work quarterly meet-up series returns on March 14th in Sydney. Join us for a FREE evening of wellness & education from 6:00-9:30pm The event will take place at Marketo's office, 50 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000 Limited places available - click here to confirm your attendance OUR SPEAKERS BELOW Chibs Okereke is a Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Consultant, and owner of Wild Mind Meditation, a meditation studio in Bondi Junction. He received his teaching qualification from the Centre for Mindfulness, at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and has studied with some of the most renown teachers around the world. Beata Brodowska will be presenting on The psychology of well-being and will feature empirically-based recommendations for improving well-being,

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How to Have More Time in Your Day

When the taxi pulled up at Sydney harbour, I looked up at the ship from the ground. It was enormous, and this was to be our home for the next 10 days. We hadn’t been on a proper holiday since moving to Australia in 2016, so I was very much looking forward to having a proper break, but I’d never been on a cruise before so was slightly worried.  What if I didn't like it and wanted to get off? What if I get sea sick? Where will I run? As I walked through the terminal building, these questions were running through my mind as I moved into a new context. The ship had 10 Decks and we entered on Deck 3, walking through a very gaudy door that would have felt very at home in the Palace of Versailles.  We took the stairs to floor