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Four years of Barefoot Running: lessons to share

Running is a key part of my life, and I've been running since 1997 which, looking back,  was very much the start of my transition to a much fitter and healthier me. Before that, I was more of a junk food, zero exercise kind of person, eating for taste, smoking socially, drinking a lot and moving as little as possible. Today, i am quite different, but it all began with the decision to go running in Regents Park with Adrienne, a colleague of mine when I was working at the Financial Times in London. Over the years I have run 6 marathons, some half marathons and many 10k runs. In this post, i really want to focus on the shoes as they are naturally very important. The first time, I went running, it was an awful experience.  I didn't own any shoes, so I ran in converse boots which didn't

Three Ways to Unleash The Energy in your Workplace

If you're looking to energise your workplace to drive innovation, customer experience, productivity and growth, follow this link to see my article on Thrive Global to identify the three steps to follow to unleash the energy in your workplace.

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Unleash the Energy in your Workplace

  This is our third blog post published on Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global platform. This one is all about how to increase your workplace energy, with some info behind how our Lawrence Mitchell designed and implemented a workplace wellbeing initiative that won a national award in just two years - not to be missed!

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The Raw Energy Show Episode 7 – “HOW TO ACHIEVE BIG THINGS”

The Raw Energy Show Episode 7: 'HOW TO ACHIEVE GREAT THINGS'. Todays 'Tip of the Day' is all about how to achieve the things you want to achieve.

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Green Juice Recipe: 6 Tips For More Energy

Back in 2008, I was invited to a nutritional seminar by a guy called Peter Pure. It must have been around January 2008 and I had travelled to Marble Arch in London's West-End on a very cold, morning questioning whether this was good use of my time. It turned out to be a very good use of my time, because in that seminar, I learnt and became super inspired about juicing. When you talk about juicing, most people think about juicing fruits which is packed full of sugar as you lose the fibre that helps to slow down the release of sugar into the blood. Check out my book Sugar: Sickly or Sweet if you want to know more. When I think of juicing, though, I think of juicing vegetables, particularly greens. Green leaves are nature’s medicine, helping your body be stronger, cleaner and more flexible, have

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Yoga for Mental Health

'You're just in time for the Essentials Yoga Class', said Sally, the friendly receptionist at the Body Mind Life Institute in Sydney's Surry Hills. 'But hurry, the class is about to begin.' With those words, I had to make a decision. I was tired after a long, long day. My head was full of information and it would be so easy to just go home. But on the other side, I had been talking about introducing a practice of yoga for years. I'd tried it before, but each occasion hadn't been a particularly positive experience, leaving me with the strong sense that i wasn't built for yoga. However, it was an opportunity, so I made a decision to do it and rushed into the changing room, rapidly put on my workout shorts, asked someone for a yoga mat, and then armed with the curly, purple mat, I entered the darkened

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How to Healthify Easter

Guest post: By Heather Mitchell Finally the time has come! The supermarkets have been preparing for Easter for months, with chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies tempting us as we shop.   If you're trying to reduce your sugar in-take like 43% of Australians, but are too overcome with temptation with all of that chocolate around, here are some tips to keep you focused throughout the Easter period. Make your own Home prepared food is always going to be best, as you know exactly what goes into it – and it excludes the chemicals and preservatives that food companies need to add to lengthen shelf life or to improve the texture. If you have some spare time, it's pretty easy to create your own 'healthified' chocolate goodies. What you'll need A couple of bars of raw chocolate . Boil up a saucepan of water, put a Pyrex bowl on top and gently