Coping with the financial uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus

COPING WITH THE FINANCIAL UNCERTAINTY CAUSED BY THE CORONAVIRUS  There is much confusion in the world at the moment. The Coronavirus COVID-19 is "out there”, with no known ways of dealing with it, other than letting it play out naturally.  This is

Food in the Workplace. Tiny Changes. Big impact.

Tiny Changes. Big impact  15 years ago, I would not have believed you if you told me that one day I would regularly be speaking to audiences around the world. As an introverted character, speaking in public was not my thing,

The Raw Energy Show, Episode 1: 3 Lessons Gleaned from my year in Australia

What a year! 12 months ago today, I had just arrived and landed in Sydney unsure of what the future held.  We'd pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone and headed to Australia for an adventure, and that's certainly what we've had! A year goes

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