When was the last time someone asked about your FINANCIAL health_ (3)


Isn’t it curious that, each day, numerous people ask us about our physical health (“How are you?” is the first question people ask each other, right after ‘Hello’), yet we are rarely, if ever, asked about our financial health!

Our finances are so important to our lives, influencing our ability to improve every other aspect of our life. This includes where we live, how we can educate our children, how we spend our time, and of course, our health, via the quality of food that we can buy, the type of exercise that we can do, the level of advice that we can afford and the access to good healthcare.

So, why the lack of transparency around money?

That is a good question and there are various cultural codes that often get in the way. It is often felt that talking about money is not ‘polite conversation’ or there may be a degree of shame involved. But the truth is, studies show that financial worries are the #1 contributor to depression and 59% of Australians are stressed about their finances, for some enough to keep them awake at night.

Maybe they should talk a little more about them.

See, financial management has never been a school subject, so to be good with money you need to have:

  • been taught it by a family member or close friend
  • learned it for yourself, through work, study or by trial and error

For most people, learning how to thrive financially is a trial and error process and many struggle with money year after year. Indeed, 51% of Australians either spend all their earnings each month, or spend more than they earn, racking up debt and getting into further distress.  Indeed, a quarter of Australians have less than $1,000 in savings.

All because they didn’t have a few habits and principles under their belt, to help them make good money decisions that improve their wealth, rather than take it away.

See, once you are armed with the right mindset and attitude and habits around money, you are in a different frame of mind to receive money and to deal with the day to day issues. All of a sudden you are empowered and strong and know exactly what to do.


This level of empowerment is not difficult to achieve. But it will make all the difference, not only to your own life, but to the lives of your children and to the generations that follow.

It is simply a set of attitudes, skills and practices that anyone can learn and build into their everyday way of doing things. Once embedded into your life, you feel so good about yourself, so strong that you feel energised and that energy can be used to generate even more income – or to spend on a pursuit that you’ve always wanted – or help out a charity you feel passionate about…. The choice on how to spend your time becomes yours and you are free to spend it just as you would like to.

At Raw Energy, we teach you how to get, keep and build your money. We have a unique 3-step coaching system that will transform your financial life forever.

You get to learn:

  • Your money mindset and how to get rid of unconscious limitations 
  • Your current money habits and how to optimise them for spectacular results 
  • How to earn more, and how to increase your wealth at an ever-increasing rate, by investing in different types of assets that pay you 

Most of our clients find the process eye-opening, enlightening, inspiring and even life-changing.

So, how would you like getting money working FOR you, rather than just you working for money?  How would you like to have savings at the end of every month and to use them to build your financial freedom?  How would you like a retirement that is worry-free and joyous?  How would you like to master the art of money?  For, mastering money = mastering your life.

Want to find out more? Contact us here to get a free 45-min strategy session to find out how we can transform your financial health and empower you to live the life that you deserve.

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Hi, I’m Lawrence (Larry) Mitchell and Welcome to Raw Energy. As a life and wellbeing coach, raw foods enthusiast, distance runner and marketing professional, I founded Raw Energy in 2013 to help people regain control of their personal health through education, food awareness and physical activity.