One way of finding Equilibrium is to become aware of our automatic, unconscious behaviours and patterns. 

Have you ever got into your car and arrived at a destination with no memory of actually driving there? Or have you been in the middle of a conversation then realised that you have zoned out for the last 30 seconds and you have no idea what that person said? If you have, you’re not alone, these are examples of your mind going into autopilot. 

It is easy to fall into Autopilot mode because this way of thinking requires very little energy, attention or brainpower. It is a very efficient way of thinking. Focus and mindful awareness require more energy and attention, but once we engage this type of thinking, we are able to see situations more clearly, we make fewer mistakes, and we make better, more informed decisions. 

When we expand our awareness we loosen that autopilot’s control over us, and this allows us to actually experience and witness the life that’s playing out in front of us. 

The exercises we are going to do today are going to help us become aware of that autopilot, aware of that mind wandering. As we become more aware, we become more resilient to stress, and we get carried away with our emotions less often. We will begin by focusing on our breath and our body, and then we will practice a technique called counting.