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Lawrence Mitchell

Lawrence is a Wellbeing and Business Coach, Founder and CEO of RAW Energy, VP for the Wellbeing@Work APAC Summits and former Chief Customer Officer of SumoSalad and CMO of RELX Risk & Analytics.. After some health challenges in his early 20’s, Lawrence became aware of the power of food and lifestyle choices to not only heal the body, but to enable high performance. As a Wellbeing coach and integrative nutritionist, his Total Wellbeing philosophy sees people as whole people with whole lives. He works with individuals and teams to create high performance cultures that drive growth during periods of rapid change and uncertainty. Based in Sydney, Lawrence is the author of: Success Without Stress: how to prevent burnout and build resilience, and A Better Life: Discover what your really want, and how to get it. He also Editor and Publisher of EQUILIBRIUM Magazine. Clients include GSK, Qantas, Google, Salesforce, Citibank, NSW Government, HCF, DocuSign, Department of Education and ABN Amro.

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