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Each and every one of us has a deep inner strength. That strength enables us to adapt and survive whatever the external context. Activating your inner strength starts with a simple decision: to prioritise your Total Wellbeing and Resilience.

That decision enables you to show up in your best state, no matter what life throws at you. A state of Total Wellbeing gives you the energy you need to thrive. Total Wellbeing is the accumulation of multiple things that come together in perfect harmony. We call that state EQUILIBRIUM.

To help you achieve your own inner EQUILIBRIUM, download the Free Quarterly EQUILIBRIUM Magazine Guide. EQUILIBRIUM has been designed to give you the tools and techniques to help you Find EQUILIBRIUM during periods of huge change, uncertainty and fear. The latest issue focuses on Resilience: mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual resilience.

Health and wellness are the foundations of everything. EQUILIBRIUM brings together insights from experts from the worlds of modern science and ancient wisdom. Prevention is better than cure and the more we collaborate, the easier it will be to Find EQUILIBRIUM at an individual and collective level.

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Your Inside Secrets for Total Wellbeing & Resilience

Issue 1

PHYSICAL: Getting a strong, healthy body, using the amazing powers of food, sleep & movement

Issue 2

MINDSET & EMOTION: Becoming mentally resilient, through a range of techniques including Mindfulness, Feelings, Breathing, Intuition

Issue 3

CONNECTION: Deriving strength through creating harmony, Loneliness busting, Finding your purpose, locating your superpowers & harnessing technology

Issue 4

RESILIENCE: Build your mental, emotional and financial resilience to cope through periods of rapid change and uncertainty.

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Meet our contributors…


Lawrence is the Founder and Creator of RAW Energy that exists to help individuals and teams develop the skills required to find and sustain EQUILIBRIUM. RAW Stands for:

  • Resilience Life is full of ups, downs, twists and turns. Resilience is all about building a core inner strength so that you can bounce forward.

  • Authenticity Each of us has natural strengths and areas of development. Deep self-knowledge enables us to put ourselves in environments that help us thrive.

  • Wellbeing Harmony and balance in all areas of life. The RAW Energy Total Wellbeing model has 5 pillars which each represent a segment of life and provides the framework to take positive and consistent action to upgrade.

EQUILIBRIUM Part 4 is all about Resilience: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Financial Resilience.