Being aware of Sensations in the body is crucial because our body is continuously transmitting physiological signals to give us indicators about our state of health and EQUILIBRIUM. If we are not listening to these signals, we can miss the critical instructions our body is trying to give us, and we can fall out of balance. 

Today we’ll learn how to scan, perceive, and attend to the subtle physical messages our body is continually sending us about our health, emotions, thoughts, and well-being. 

There are countless signals that our body is emitting at any one time. Some of the more obvious sensations are hunger, thirst, tiredness and pain. However, if we are caught up in autopilot, even those extreme physiological responses can be ignored. 

Ignoring sensations doesn’t make an issue go away, in fact, it likely makes whatever problem we have worse, so it makes sense that we should pay attention to these sensations. 

We are going to practice a Body Scan meditation again today. The Body Scan is an excellent way to become more skilled at tuning into the sensations of the body.