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WEALTH MENTORING Strategy Session with Heather

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WEALTH MENTORING Strategy Session with Heather

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WEALTH MENTORING Strategy Session with Heather

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When was the last time you sat down and really EXPLORED your relationship with money?  Do you know how you REALLY feel about money? How do your impressions of money relate to the ACTIONS you take each day?

We each have a unique blend of experiences that shape our blueprint about money.  Every incident.  Every story.  Every comment that someone makes about us.  It all goes towards how we FEEL about ourselves and how we BEHAVE around money.

Did you know that many people inadvertently push money and opportunities AWAY, because subconsciously they don't believe they're worth it?  Marisa Peer estimates up to 80% of people do not feel ENOUGH.  Are you one of them?

Book a 90-minute money mindset session with Heather, to gain clarity on your own money blueprint that is determining the way that you make decisions in life.


Heather has been investing since she was a little girl, thanks to her forward-thinking parents.  She also spent 15 years as a researcher, crunching numbers every day.

After successfully manoeuvring herself around the Dot.com crash, the Global Financial Crisis and the most recent Corona correction, Heather has a knack for spotting the trends that turn into sound investment choices.

Heather loves to educate people to understand how to invest the way she does.  It's her way of paying it forward.

Her particular passion is in the tech and cryptocurrency space, which is ever-changing and always presenting amazing opportunities.

Note: Heather is a mentor and educator.  She will educate you on the skills you need to be wealthy; she will not provide specific financial advice, however, she will teach you to build your own robust, diversified portfolio, that also helps you to sleep at night.

Heather can help you with:

  • Getting you into the right mindset to live an abundant life
  • Putting the pieces in place to attract wealth
  • Gaining clarity and direction from your numbers
  • Getting skills in investing - working out a strategy that's right for you
  • Educating you on the most exciting sectors to invest in at the moment: tech and crypto



I recently completed Heather's financial coaching course, and wow! Working with Heather has been an incredible, eye-opening experience! I've always struggled to manage my money; I’ve always earnt good money but it's disappeared just as fast as it's come in. Heather has given me a whole new perspective on wealth creation, how to manage my money, how to plan for my future - and why it's important! Investing and stocks is never something I thought I would tackle because it felt too hard and confusing. Heather totally broke down those misconceptions and I now feel confident enough to start building a portfolio for myself - it’s been an absolute game changer and turning point for my future. Heather is also incredibly warm, patient and kind - a real pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her course to anyone who has struggled to manage their money, who wants to invest but doesn’t know where or how to start, and who wants to build long term wealth for a prosperous future. – Ashleigh James

With Heather’s help I was able to get clarity and organisation of my mental and emotional decisions and change my poverty mindset and practical skills around money. I also experienced energetic shifts and beliefs on a deeper level. I am making radically better and wiser financial decisions due to the exercises and skills around investing with my personal finances. With her insight and guidance I’ve rewritten some damaging hidden core beliefs to much healthier ones around wealth management and creation. 100% happy customer! – Wendy Nicholl

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Heather over the years on numerous events and workshops. Heather is a very passionate leader when it comes to the subject of money and wellbeing. She magically combines the 2 in her delivery. And provides excellent guidance and support. She is fun and relaxed to work with. And has a genuine interest to help set people up for success in the future – Mandy Millan

I've been working with Heather Mitchell now as my financial coach for the last 18 months. And it has been a very wonderful experience. We've worked on lots of different aspects, we've worked on the psychology. And through doing that I’ve finally learned how to grow my wealth and what was holding me back. She's worked with me to put budgets in place which has saved us a huge amount of money- we've actually saved thousands. I have in the past, invested in other assets, but what I've done is I've been too scared, so I've waited until the prices have gone up to get in and what's happened is that all the growth’s already happened. But what Heather has been teaching me is how to identify trends, and how to get in early before it's at its peak, so that we're actually making money on the growth of that investment. She knows her stuff. She's just been doing this for many, many years. She is an amazing researcher, is very solid. She's really researched everything and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her – Victoria Bhogal

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