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This page brings together a collection of third party media talks and interviews given by Lawrence and the Raw Energy team.

Lessons learned from a winning workplace health and wellbeing initiative

Good practice in employee wellbeing Reed Business Information was the winner of the CIPD’s 2016 Best Health and Wellbeing Initiative award. Lawrence Mitchell looks at how a 30-day challenge helped build a global wellbeing

Play Now: Lawrence on Stress Resilience

How to be resilient: Useful tips to help you beat stress It can be easy to feel like throwing in the towel when you're faced with adversity, tragedy, or even just plain old stress.

Lawrence Mitchell Wins Prestigious CIPD Award

  Lawrence Mitchell (as Wellbeing Champion at Reed Business Information) wins prestigious CIPD Award for "Best Health & Wellbeing Initiative" for his brainchild "The RBI Living Well Programme". The CIPD People

How to build a corporate wellbeing philosophy and programme    

How to get a healthy balance in your life – Podcast Interview with Diane Randall

      If you're feeling in a constant state of stress, and looking for help, you're in the right place. Life is very busy for many us, and all too often we feel out