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At Raw Energy, we believe that it is possible to adapt, grow and achieve amazing things in today’s rapidly changing world, without sacrificing your health span. Yes, negative and stressful events  will continue to challenge us, but with the right set of strategies and tools in place, you can ride through the storms and build your resilience so that you can be there for the people who need you for a long time to come.


The Raw Energy system is based on ENERGY as the primary source of strength and power, and is based on balancing six, integrated sources of energy:

Physical Energy

  • Eating real and whole foods, plus quality supplements to flood your body with micronutrients. This is the foundation of the Raw Energy philosophy. When you flood your body with nutrients, a miracle occurs and you become more energetic, slimmer, stronger and more able to cope
  • Moving your body every day in ways that it was designed to move: walking, running, swimming, dancing, stretching, whatever movement you enjoy. A daily and functional movement schedule provides physical strength, mental clarity and the ability to problem solve

Mental Energy

  • Getting sufficient sleep and rest to enable your mind and body to recover and rejuvenate
  • Being mentally present and enjoying the moment, rather than living in the past or future
  • Taking time to show gratitude and forgiveness and being able to let go and move on

Creative Energy

  • Being able to express yourself by tapping into your creative side
  • Doing work that resonates with you and aligns with your values
  • Finding creative solutions to the obstacles and problems that cross your path

Money Energy

  • Having good money energy and practices to help you earn, save, spend and invest
  • Having sufficient financial resources to do what you desire
  • Having a positive mindset about money

Time Energy

  • Having margin and space in your day to think and do what you want to do
  • Having good organisational systems in place to extend your time and increase productivity
  • Using technology to free yourself from tasks and work collaboratively with other people around the world

Relationship Energy v1

  • Being part of communities of like-minded people
  • Having strong relationships in your personal and professional life
  • Surrounding yourself with positive thinkers who you trust and can be yourself

true wellbeing

Wellbeing isn’t the result of doing just one thing, but the effective integration of the different energy sources outlined above.  If one aspect is lacking in some way, it can deplete your overall energy reserves and leave you feeling exhausted.

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Raw Energy’s mission is to create healthy workplaces and communities one person at a time. Our focus is on delivering value in three areas: personal health insights, education and community initiatives to bring people together.  

Raw Energy is for you if you:

  • would like to increase your fitness, energy and your appearance – we’re here to help you look great, feel great and think more clearly
  • would like to make healthier choices, but are feeling overwhelmed and need help to get onto the right path
  • have picked-up some poor habits that are not serving you well, and you know that you need to change, but have burying your head for a while
  • are worried about the future and can’t help experiencing fear

Results you can expect:

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At Raw Energy, our qualified health coaches will guide you to live healthier lives and gain energy that you can put to good use.

Give yourself the gift of energy.

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Lawrence Mitchell
Founder & CEO, Raw Energy