The Raw Energy Philosophy

Everything in life is a balance.

When we’re in balance, everything flows, we have inner peace, we’re more creative, more productive, more decisive.

We call that EQUILIBRIUM.

We’re here to help you discover how to find your EQUILIBRIUM and experience a resilient mindset, deeper connection, abundant energy and ultimately, true freedom.
We work with individuals, teams and businesses, and are driven by the premise that the 5 pillars of wellbeing are interlinked to create the desired state of  EQUILIBRIUM.








Our Mission

True wellbeing isn’t the result of doing just one thing, but the effective integration of the different energy sources outlined above.  If one aspect is lacking in some way, it can deplete your overall energy reserves and leave you feeling exhausted or unfulfilled.

Our mission is to create healthy workplaces and communities, one person at a time. Our focus is on delivering value in three areas: personal health insights and practical action plans, education and community initiatives to bring people together.  

Finding EQUILIBRIUM is for you if you:

  • would like to increase your fitness, energy and appearance – we’re here to help you look great, feel great and think more clearly!
  • have picked-up some poor habits that are not serving you well
  • are worried about the future and can’t help experiencing fear
  • would like to make healthier choices, but are feeling overwhelmed and need help to get onto the right path
  • would like to enhance your life and find balance across all areas of the Finding EQUILIBRIUM model of Total Wellbeing – whether it be your physical wellbeing; your mental wellbeing; your connection to the world, your career, other people, and your purpose; your financial wellbeing; maximising your time here on this planet

We’ll help you achieve EQUILIBRIUM in your life, living a life of Resilience, Authenticity and Wellbeing.

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