My Story

I’m an artist, a keen harmony singer, I love playing the piano and also (recently) body boarding with my 15 year old son – I find it all so exhilarating!

Oh – and I also looooove investing!  [Yes, that’s right – I LOVE it!  And I hope one day I can convince you to love it too….]

It all started a looooong time ago, back when I was a wee little girl.  My parents were older (they had me in their mid-40s) and they already had 2 children, one who’d already left home.  Plus a border collie, Rikki, who was 5 years older than me.

So, as this total afterthought, I just slotted in.

And then there was my Dad.  My lovely Dad, who was sooooo ahead of his time.  This is how ahead of his time he was – a keen computer programmer in the early 70’s, when computers were completely outside most people’s awareness. He also taught himself how to invest.  He was an ‘outside the box’ thinker.

Even more ‘out there’ was the fact that he shared his knowledge with his children, especially his little girl.  I remember being 6 and sitting in with his financial advisor (the local life assurance salesmen) where they used to discuss the economy and work out where to invest, or whether to switch into the sidelines during volatile times.

And I used to just drink it all in….

Looking back, it’s amazing what a small child could understand, but I followed what they were doing and eventually I had my own account that I used to be in charge of (with my Dad’s help, of course!). The passion then continued throughout my life, and I’ve invested in a wide variety of instruments, through different economic cycles.  (I’ve developed a love of tech investing and cryptocurrencies, and love to teach my advanced students how to take full advantage of the opportunities at this time of technological transformation.)

However, this is England we’re talking about.  In the UK, you don’t  talk about money – it’s just not polite conversation.  So, I had this hobby that I loved that I used to do in secret – I didn’t even tell my good friends!

But in 2016 we moved to Australia, where people were much more comfortable talking about money and I was sad to find that people didn’t have anywhere near the knowledge or experience I had. I was also very aware that people (especially women) weren’t taking advantage of the many opportunities that were out there, which meant that they were always tired, stressed and over-burdened.

So, I decided to pay it forward, and help people gain financial freedom through empowering themselves around money. I now spend my time educating others how to make the most of their assets, including getting in the right mindset first off and getting everything in place to maximise success. 

It’s the most rewarding thing in the world.

When I mentor people, it never ceases to amaze me how deeply money affects us all, and how it’s not about amassing loads of money (which is indeed a lovely bonus!) but it is much more about feelings of self-worth, the profound affects that other people have in your life (particularly around the way your key caregivers dealt with money in your early life), and the lessons learned from your own experiences around money.

For each of us are powerful in our own right – we’re still here, so we should recognise our accomplishments, and at the same time learn from our experiences.

It’s a beautiful journey to delve in deep and really understand why you behave the way you do around money.  All our actions have echos of the past and most of the time this is completely unconscious.  Bringing it all out in the open brings great understanding, many aha moments, sometimes great pain, but always a sense of realisation, which ultimately leads to a sense of choice, and power, and peace, when moving forwards.

Seeing people shift when it comes to money is the most beautiful thing to be a part of.  It truly reverberates around their whole life.

If any of this resonates with you and you’d like to explore your relationship with money and work out a strategy to gain true wealth, book a complementary chat and we can see whether I can be of service.

Heather Mitchell, Wealth MentorTo your deepest abundance and peace,
Heather 🌸🌈💜