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How to cope with stress

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Why stress is the hidden killer in modern society?

Despite common perceptions, not all stress is bad.

In fact we need a degree of stress to get us going. However, whilst some is good, a lot is not necessarily better; and  stress becomes ‘bad stress’ when it regularly affects the body and depletes your ENERGY.

Most people tend to think of psychological stress when they think of their own stressors.  Moving house, starting a new job, speaking in public, difficult relationships and so on, all fit into this psychological stress category.

However, psychological stress is only one type of stress.

The true definition of ‘stress’ will include anything that negatively impacts the mind or the body, including big stressors such as nutritional stress from the huge amount of processed foods we consume;  electromagnetic stress from our increasingly always on, wireless society; and physical stress from activities that push us physically to a new level.

Here you’ll find a collection of articles published on different aspects of stress management, all created to help you understand your own stressors and create your own,  customised toolkit to help you cope with the negative stress that affects us all; and build your stress resilience and energy that supports you both physically and psychologically.

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