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There’s a lot of evidence that plant-based nutrition promotes human health, and what good for us is also good for the environment.

That’s why 44% of Australians, one of the most health-conscious nations on earth, report eating a least one meat-free meal a week, and why Australia topped Google’s worldwide searches for the word ‘Vegan’.

The challenge is that being 100% ‘vegan’ can be too extreme, and therefore not sustainable for many people (only 15% of vegans are still vegan are five years).

The challenge is also that people like the taste of meat:

‘With my heart I want to go green, but with my stomach I want to eat meat’

The challenge is that ‘plants’ are not perceived to be equivalent in value to ‘meat’

So how can you get the plant-based nutrition you need for your health, support the environment & get the many entertainment & community benefits that food delivers?

At Raw Energy, we believe that eating more plants will help you look great, feel great, have great thoughts – and have the energy to be successful in your life.

Nutrient-dense, plant-based food doesn’t have to be boring, but is tasty, fun, easy to prepare and easy to digest. Perfection isn’t necessary – ‘eating more plants’ is better than ‘eating only plants’ or not eating plants at all.

Dr Ann Wigmore’s Energy Soup Recipe


I'll be honest, for many people, Dr. Wigmore’s Energy Soup is a bit of an acquired taste. To put it another way, I've had guests who have spat it out with a look of horror on their face. Clearly this isn't the outcome you're looking for, so I'd recommend that you  refine the ingredients to get the taste you like. As I've been drinking green smoothies for years now, my taste has adapted and I can tolerate very bitter foods, no problem. For others who are more accustomized to sweeter foods, the bitter version might be too much to bear until your taste buds have adapted too.

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