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There’s a lot of evidence that plant-based nutrition promotes human health, and what good for us is also good for the environment.

That’s why 44% of Australians, one of the most health-conscious nations on earth, report eating a least one meat-free meal a week, and why Australia topped Google’s worldwide searches for the word ‘Vegan’.

The challenge is that being 100% ‘vegan’ can be too extreme, and therefore not sustainable for many people (only 15% of vegans are still vegan are five years).

The challenge is also that people like the taste of meat:

‘With my heart I want to go green, but with my stomach I want to eat meat’

The challenge is that ‘plants’ are not perceived to be equivalent in value to ‘meat’

So how can you get the plant-based nutrition you need for your health, support the environment & get the many entertainment & community benefits that food delivers?

At Raw Energy, we believe that eating more plants will help you look great, feel great, have great thoughts – and have the energy to be successful in your life.

Nutrient-dense, plant-based food doesn’t have to be boring, but is tasty, fun, easy to prepare and easy to digest. Perfection isn’t necessary – ‘eating more plants’ is better than ‘eating only plants’ or not eating plants at all.

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