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Healthy, consistent weight loss tips

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food” This was me 2 years ago. The weight piled on so inadvertently that I didn’t even realise it was happening, until I saw this photo of me selling my dog paintings at the local village fair, and to be honest I got quite a shock. Chocolate is my failing… and biscuits. And big portion sizes. My weight has always been steady, but since having my son a decade ago, my waist size has never been quite the same… Fortunately, since moving to Sydney Australia from the UK 10 months ago, I have taken massive action and the weight has fallen off and I have returned to my ‘pre baby’ size. This is me now – thankfully, I am looking a little more on the fit and healthy side! "Before" "After" I feel

Lessons learned from a winning workplace health and wellbeing initiative

Good practice in employee wellbeing Reed Business Information was the winner of the CIPD’s 2016 Best Health and Wellbeing Initiative award. Lawrence Mitchell, who led the campaign, looks at how a 30-day challenge helped build a global wellbeing team, encourage new behaviours and boost productivity. When Sarah Allswood was persuaded to join the RBI 30-Day Living Well Challenge, which encouraged employees to move more, she reluctantly agreed. Not being a lover of exercise, Sarah didn’t want to let the team down, but hoped that everybody would lose interest after a few days. Thirty days later, Sarah completed her first 5km run, and that wasn’t all – she became aware of how little she moved each day, and how much more she was capable of doing. Sarah also bonded better with her work colleagues, discussing her evenings and weekends in ways she hadn’t previously. She slept better and felt more

The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen There are so many hidden pesticides in our foods, even the ones we think of as healthy. This is a helpful guide I keep on my fridge that helps me decide which products to buy organic and which are ok to choose the non-organic version. For more tips on healthy eating, sign up to our newsletter Healthy Habits: SIGN UP

Rich Roll inspires Australia at “Living The Plantpower Way”

Living the Plantpower Way When you hear the word ‘vegan’ do you instantly imagine bland images of lettuce and raw carrots, devoid of protein or any real layers of taste? Do you think of tambourine banging hippies with dreadlocked hair, wearing purple trousers? Well today we’re challenging that perception – just like Rich Roll at the SumoSalad Living the Plantpower Way events in Sydney & Melbourne. Our very own Lawrence Mitchell brought Rich Roll and his wife Julie Piatt over to Australia to share their personal experience about living a plant-powered life and show us how that decision has helped them transform their lives and achieve incredible results – to an audience of over 1,000! Rich’s story has a familiar start – working hard, getting into bad eating habits, drinking way too much alcohol and prioritising work over health. These choices resulted in an unhealthy lifestyle, creating problems for his physical and mental

Play Now: Lawrence on Stress Resilience

How to be resilient: Useful tips to help you beat stress It can be easy to feel like throwing in the towel when you're faced with adversity, tragedy, or even just plain old stress. But what if we could build an immunity to stress in the same way we take vitamins and antibiotics to boost our immunity to illness? There are skills and behaviours that we can all adopt to improve our overall wellbeing, help manage stress and develop resilience, and these form the very purpose of this interview. Lawrence Mitchell talks about resilience in a very passionate and unique way. Click the play button below to learn more about his insights on improving one's resilience to stress. PLAY NOW

Bitter Sweet: Sugar Consumption – How Much Sugar Is Enough?

Sugar consumption – what are the facts? How much sugar is enough? How much sugar is too much? Why is it the latest ‘no-no’? What are hidden sugars? Should I be cutting out sugar all together? What is the negative health impact on the body that has got every one talking? Is it just Coke and sodas that I should avoid?  How much sugar is in processed foods? Why does it make me fat? Confused? I’m not surprised because sugar seems to be in everything! Sugar consumption is a hot topic – particularly around weight loss. At last the media have picked up on what I have been saying for a long while – sugar makes you fat and has negative health effects. Cutting down on your sugar consumption will help your weight loss programme. My nephew was over the other day and we were chatting

Weight Loss Tip of the Day – Avoid Chips

Can't resist chips? Today's weight loss tip comes from Harvard University scientists who have compiled a 'league table' of foods that cause the most weight gain over the years. Top of the list comes chips and crisps - followed by sugary drinks; meat and then boiled, baked or mashed potatoes. The study - analysis of data from more than 120,000 people over 20 years - showed the average person gains almost 1lb a year in adulthood, often as a result of eating excess calories equivalent to little more than a biscuit a day. The study also found that keeping trim wasn't a question of cutting calories, so much as eating the right kind of calories. Starchy foods, those containing refined carbohydrates, and processed foods were most associated with weight gain; but eating cheese or drinking full-fat milk didn't seem to have less of an impact, possibly