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Wellbeing@Work Meetup – March 14th 2019

Limited Places Available Our next Quarterly Meeting takes place on March 14th & we are delighted to welcome Mindfulness & Meditation expert Chibs Okereke who will be providing a practical session at the end of our meet-up - details below The Wellbeing @ Work quarterly meet-up series returns on March 14th in Sydney. Join us for a FREE evening of wellness & education from 6:00-9:30pm The event will take place at Marketo's office, 50 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000 Limited places available - click here to confirm your attendance OUR SPEAKERS BELOW Chibs Okereke is a Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Consultant, and owner of Wild Mind Meditation, a meditation studio in Bondi Junction. He received his teaching qualification from the Centre for Mindfulness, at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and has studied with some of the most renown teachers around the world. Beata Brodowska will be presenting on The psychology of well-being and will feature empirically-based recommendations for improving well-being,

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How to Have More Time in Your Day

When the taxi pulled up at Sydney harbour, I looked up at the ship from the ground. It was enormous, and this was to be our home for the next 10 days. We hadn’t been on a proper holiday since moving to Australia in 2016, so I was very much looking forward to having a proper break, but I’d never been on a cruise before so was slightly worried.  What if I didn't like it and wanted to get off? What if I get sea sick? Where will I run? As I walked through the terminal building, these questions were running through my mind as I moved into a new context. The ship had 10 Decks and we entered on Deck 3, walking through a very gaudy door that would have felt very at home in the Palace of Versailles.  We took the stairs to floor

The Power of Ayurveda: my Indian Adventure

Once upon a time, I was just like everyone else. I would get a problem, go to the doctor, pick up a prescription and then take the course of treatment prescribed. That is what we all did and I had no reason as a young child to question this or even consider that there might be another way. That all changed when I was 19. Up until that point, I'd had chronic chest problems and pretty dreadful eczema on my face and legs. Every so often I would head to the GP and get some steroid cream, apply it and the red, scaly blotches would go away. It was a miracle. However, whilst at the university on the South Coast of England, a friend suggested that perhaps I had an allergy to dairy. It was an interesting idea so I gave it a go and cut out the

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New Year, New Goal Setting

Happy, happy new year!   It’s the dawn of a new day, a new month and whole new year.  I love a new year as it gives us the opportunity to review, reflect and start again.    Everything that happened yesterday is now in the past and there’s nothing you can do to change the events of the past. But you can influence and change the events of the future, guided by the lessons from the past.   For me, 2018 was a roller coaster ride and I’m certainly emerging with more resilience than when I started the year.    I’m proud of what we’ve done as a team, in collaboration with some amazing partners, to unleash the RAW or Real Energy that exists inside all us:   - Launching a new website - thanks COM Marketing   - Launched a white paper - thanks Kamwell   -

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Time to Set Yourself Up for Success

At this time of year, many people use the opportunity to set #NewYearsResolutions. The trouble is that the research shows that most of us aren’t very successful at sticking to those resolutions. Only 8% of people make it work. So, what to do?

How To Navigate the Festive Season

Navigating the Festive Season from a Wellness Perspective Before Australia and my life in health, I spent the majority of my career in publishing and information and learnt all about digital disruption before it even was a thing!  Now disruption and transformation dominate discussions around the globe. You are either being disrupted, worrying about being disrupted or planning to disrupt someone else. But working in publishing throughout the first phase of the digital revolution taught me some key skills:   to focus on the customer problem to put people and culture first  to never be complacent to keep looking ahead and innovating To prioritise my own wellbeing and resilience These basic principles have served me well. But the last one (prioritising wellbeing & resilience) is the one we see super smart people all around the world not doing, often with catastrophic results.  Here at Raw Energy, we

Advice from 80 year olds

About 10 years ago, I stumbled across some advice from a survey of 80-year-old British people. I can't even remember who did the survey, but the list of lessons from people in the later years of life really resonated with me to the extent that I typed it up and stuck it on my wall where it stayed for some time and has proved to be a very useful resource. Since then, we have moved country and house several times, whilst unpacking some boxes the other day, I stumbled across the list. It's a great list of words of wisdom grounded in the experience of life. Today's culture tends to celebrate youth and often forgets the wisdom and guidance that elders can share. Here's one of those gifts for you... ADVICE FROM OLD PEOPLE 1 The most important person in your life is the person who agreed