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Build your network to enhance your wellbeing

Wellbeing isn’t the result of one thing, but the combination and accumulation of many things over time. If we think of wellbeing as a bank account, any ‘healthy habit’ will lead to a surplus, whilst any ‘bad habit’ will leave to a debt and like all debts, it has to be paid back at some point. One important driver of wellbeing is social connections.In life and work, far more can be achieved by collaborating and working with other people who align with your values. 1+1 can literally = 9! However, whilst we’re living in a time when we’re more connected than ever before, the irony is that we’re also more isolated than ever which is having serious consequences on our wellbeing. Indeed, psychologist John Cacioppo found that extreme loneliness can increase the odds of premature death amongst old people by 14%. But what can you do to

Upgrade your team. Upgrade your wellbeing

Upgrade Your Team. Upgrade Your Wellbeing. Let’s be honest. Upgrading your wellbeing and sustaining the changes is hard. Why? Simply put, it often requires extreme willpower, brain rewiring and significant social support to change. That’s why research shows that 95% of restrictive diets, designed to help people lose weight, do not work over the long-term and lead to a ‘yo-yo’ dieting approach that is so common in our culture. When it comes to healthy changes, the focus is usually on the nutrition or the exercise, without enough focus on the social support that is so critical for success. But how can you leverage “group power” and social wellbeing to deliberately lift the energy and wellbeing of your group and team, and enhance your own personal wellbeing in the process? Here are 6 things that will help: Take note of the people you

Make Your Time Count

This is a special year. 2020 always used to be ‘the future’ somewhere on the horizon. Well, here we are. Welcome to the future!   With the arrival of a new decade, many people have been reflecting on the decade that was, and looking forward to the one ahead, asking the big questions: what do I want to do, be and become in the years ahead? Whatever your answers, the one resource you need for success is Time. After all, you’re never going to be as young as you are right now! In short, time is the most precious resource there is as it’s finite. No matter how much money you have, we all have the same number of hours every day. However, whilst you can’t add in more hours, there are many things you can do to squeeze more out of the time you do have

Step Outside of Your Life: My Sukhavati Wellness Retreat Experience

When I walked through the gates of Sukhavati in Bali, I entered a magical world of healing. 6 days later, I left that same world with new perspectives, new friendships, a clarity of mind and an excitement to recreate some of the Sukhavati wellness vibe in my day-to-day living.  The week before I went to Sukhavati was a very stressful week for me. I’d just returned to Australia after a flying trip to the UK, and  still suffering from jet lag, I jumped back straight into work, keen to complete a number of projects before the hard, year-end deadline.  To be honest, I considered postponing the trip as there was so much to do, but in the end I went and boarded the plane bound for Bali, with a bag full of books and devices, and a few clothes. Just over 6 hours later, I stepped off

Wellbeing@Work – whose responsibility is it?

When the plane touched down at Sydney airport, I breathed a huge sigh of relief! You would think that after flying between Sydney and London 10 times over the last three years, I would be used to long-haul travel. And I am, but that doesn’t mean that I enjoy it. For me, flying is a necessary evil and a technology that enables me to live the life I do today. This time, I was in London for the Wellbeing@Work London Conference. It was an awesome experience and well worth enduring the 22-hour flight, crossing 11 time-zones, swapping summer for winter and experiencing some of the worst jet lag I have ever experienced! The 2019 Wellbeing@Work London conference attracted over 300 people from leading companies, a far cry from the first event I attended back in 2014 when I was just starting to learn about the concept of wellbeing@work.

Wellbeing@Work Sydney Meetup – 28th November, 2019

Limited Places Available! The Wellbeing @ Work quarterly meet-up series returns on 28th November in Sydney. Join us for a FREE evening of wellness & education from 6:30-9:30pm   OUR SPEAKERS Andy Thiss, Regional Vice President, DocuSign will be talking about their wellbeing offer and how it's applied throughout the organisation   Adam Jadresic, EHS Lead, GSK will be sharing thejourney of wellbeing among the employees of a factory that's due to be closing   Natalie Yan-Chatonsky, CEO and Co-Founder of Full Time Lives - sharing more on the story of healthy ageing and why we need to invest time to plan for productive transition from full time work   Chibs Okereke is a Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Consultant, and owner of Wild Mind Meditation will be giving us the opportunity to de-stress and unwind to counteract today's obsession with Doing.   Lawrence Mitchell, Founder of Raw Energy & Chief Customer Officer of Sumo Salad, will be chairing

  • Losing sleep about finances

Losing sleep about your finances? Wondering how you’re going to cope?

Losing sleep over your finances?  Well, I’d like to start by reassuring you. Things CAN and WILL get better for you. Sometimes you read a massage by chance, but it’s the exact message that you need to hear right now. This is one of those messages. What do I know about you? I know that you have done your best over the years, and have made the best decisions you can, given what you knew at the time. I also know that you deserve better in life. And you can have it. You can have it all. Great wealth. More time. Fabulous relationships. Fun times with people you love. It starts with a thought. A wish. A goal. An intention. That intention turns into a strategy. A roadmap. A plan. That plan turns into actions. Behaviours and words. Conversations. That activity produces the results