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Don’t Eat That! Or Do… Food Myths Debunked

Considering that half the children across the world between the ages of 6 months and 5 years have a nutritional deficiency of some sort, it can be difficult to determine where the break in the nutrition chain occurs. When children from that age already struggle with their nutrition, it’s hard to imagine that this will be rectified as they get older. We live in a society today where those in developed countries are considered overfed and undernourished. Access to convenience is partly to blame and the other part is lack of information. To ensure we pack as much nutrition into our bodies as possible, it’s time to separate fact from fiction in the world of food.   Myth 1: Milk is a Vital Part of a Daily Diet For those who love to drink up a tall glass of milk to boost their calcium

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3 Ways to Create a Habit

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The Raw Energiser – episode 1

For years now, I've been asked to do some regular updates via video. 'I'm so busy', 'no time to read', 'I consume all of my information via Youtube', is feedback I've had. The trouble was,  being on camera wasn't in my comfort zone,  but i've tried to get into the habit of doing videos by shooting them, but not promoting them. That went on for a little while until the great Richard Toutounji from COM told me that 'the best time to get started is now', and challenged me to stop planning and get doing. Well as someone who both loves a challenge and wants to serve my customers better, below is the very first 3 minute  'episode'.   We're calling it the Raw Energiser, a short morsel of insight to help you shift your energy into action to create a more authentic, people-centred workplace. The Gift of Feedback I love constructive feedback,

Inside the House of Coke

Inside the House of Coke 12 years ago, I went to a seminar on Raw Food led by Peter Pure. It was a fascinating event in many ways, but one line Peter said to me had a profound impact: 'Put the Coke in your car as you can get a new car, but not a new body' Those words made an impression on me and, though I didn't put the Coke into my car - I loved that car - I stopped putting it into my body and started to tell everyone I knew to do the same. I then also started to teach myself to be much more nutritionally literate, which has since become a huge passion for me.   How interesting it was then to find myself inside the 'House of Coke', learning about their health and wellbeing strategy.  It felt wrong to be there on the

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

The world-renowned psychologist, Carol Dweck, proposed that everything in your life comes down to your mindset. There are only two types of mindset, Fixed and Growth.  Whereas the former in underpinned by a belief that your abilities are fixed by your upbringing, genetics or intelligence, A Growth Mindset supports the belief that your abilities are the starting point from which to expand and develop through effort, perseverance and practise. As Jim Rohn said 'Work harder on yourself than you do on your job'.  By taking a long-term view of improving yourself, you can expand your comfort zone and achieve more than you ever thought possible.