• Losing sleep about finances

Losing sleep about your finances? Wondering how you’re going to cope?

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Losing sleep over your finances?  Well, I’d like to start by reassuring you. Things CAN and WILL get better for you. Sometimes you read a massage by chance, but it’s the exact message that you need to hear right

Wellbeing at Work Sydney 2019

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Highlights And just like that, Wellbeing@Work Sydney 2019 is over!  It was a fantastic day full of sharing, learning, connecting and thinking. Research shows that work, what you do every day, has the most significant impact on a person’s wellbeing and

  • Work-Life integration

Work-life Integration: Buzz Word Bingo?

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'Work-life Integration: Buzz Word Bingo? 'Work-life integration' is the big buzz word at the moment, replacing the former ‘work-life balance’ concept that many people struggled with, as the balance always seemed to always be tipped in the 'work' direction!

  • Kids and money

Why it is Important to Teach Your Kids About Money and Investing

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Children are not usually included in discussions around the household budget or decisions around which stocks to invest in.  And, it's not usually on your 'To Do' list to teach your kids about money.  More’s the pity. Because, if

Retail Learning Channel: Tiny Changes. Big Impact.

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Lawrence Mitchell's article on "Tiny Changes. Big Impact" was featured this month on the Retail Learning Channel's website. To read more how you can make small changes with big results, click here.

Eat crap if you want to

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Eat Crap If You Want To Once upon a time, I was just like everyone else. I saw food as a pleasure in life and used to brag that 'I could eat anything'. Back then, I was pretty happy eating buckets

Food in the Workplace. Tiny Changes. Big impact.

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Tiny Changes. Big impact  15 years ago, I would not have believed you if you told me that one day I would regularly be speaking to audiences around the world. As an introverted character, speaking in public was not my thing,

  • Toy virus

Putting the FUN back into your funds: making money fun!

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At what point did life become hard work?  Is it when you left full time education and needed to start earning a living?  Or is it after that time, once the “new job” honeymoon period was over? Perhaps for

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