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The Isagenix Range
The Raw Energy lifestyle system has been designed to help you manage your energy by paying attention to your nutrition, your exercise and your sleep. Once the basics are in place, you can then leverage productivity techniques to help you make the most of all of that extra energy!

A Nutritional system that works

At the very foundation of living a healthy lifestyle is the nutrition that powers up your body. The food we put into our body affects how we look, feel, think and behave.  Yet, many people in our society regularly fill their bodies with processed sugars,  chemicals and empty calories that put stress on their body,  deplete their energy levels and put their health at risk.


The impact on society of this way of eating is pretty obvious, with two thirds of the US population overweight, and millions getting chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer that could be avoided with some lifestyle changes.  And the UK and Australia are catching up fast.  It’s not that nothing is being done. Millions are being spent on diets, gym memberships and other solutions every year.  However, these trends shows no sign of reversing.

Lawrence Mitchell

Hi, I’m Lawrence Mitchell.  I’m a heath enthusiast, a health coach and a Chief Customer Officer.  I have struggled for years to find a healthy lifestyle solution that works for me, but can also be shared effectively with other people to replicate the results. In my search,  I have devoted hours and hours to studying and testing the pros and cons of 100 different nutritional theories from macrobiotic to low carb, raw food to paleo and everything in between, just to answer the one simple question that everyone asks: “What is the best diet for health, weight loss and longevity?”

Over the years, as my knowledge grew,  my confidence grew, my grocery shopping became easier and I got great personal results: sustained weight loss, deeper sleep, and increased energy which enabled me to have a successful ‘jet-setting’ career and build a business on the side.
Fast forward to today, and my research and experimentation has evolved into the Get Raw Energy system that I teach and coach others to adopt.
The system is focused on the simple principle of starting where you are and upgrading your diet and lifestyle, detoxing and cleansing your body, increasing the nutrients flooding into your body, crowding out the sugary snacks, white floured goods and processed meats, without sacrificing taste. In short, putting the good stuff in and getting the bad stuff out, using modern data and technology to guide the process.

But life takes over, and we’re all very busy and the best intentions often aren’t followed-through.  In truth, in today’s always-on society, many people have little time to think, let alone make the space to study labels and prepare food from scratch.

We’ve heard this feedback from thousands of people over the years. People who really want to lead a healthy lifestyle, but are unclear where to start, and have little time available.

To help you, I have searched far and wide for a proven and easy to implement, high nutrition system that requires minimum thought and preparation and will lead to the results that you want: to look great, feel great and think more clearly.

My search led me to Isagenix which I first discovered in 2015 whilst living in the UK.  At that time, though, the products weren’t available in the UK, so it took a move to Australia for me to first experience the Isagenix products and put them to the ‘Raw Energy Test’.
Success story

Whilst initially, I admit, I was very sceptical, I kept an open mind and studied the products. For me, the products had to be high quality and aligned with my whole philosophy.

Isagenix have many products in their range, which, on the whole,  are made from the most natural ingredients from around the world, unadulterated with chemicals and cold-pressed where possible.

They have been tried and tested by hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have got great results:  weight loss, increased energy and improved performance. They are used by regular people who want to lose weight, or age better, as well as athletes focused on increasing their performance.

Isagenix are currently available in a number of countries around the world.

Your dedicated health coach

At Raw Energy, we know that behind every successful person, is a successful team and we want you to be successful. That’s why when you sign-up for Isagenix, you’ll get all of the products plus the focused attention of a dedicated health coach and back-up team to help you keep focused, remain accountable, keep going and get the results that you desire.

Isagenix has solutions in each of 4 areas: Weight Loss, Increased Energy, Athletic Performance and Healthy Ageing.  Click on one of the buttons below for more  information.

31CAHYl1oKL._01_SX218_.png“Our vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process create the largest health and wellness company in the world.”

Kathy & Jim Coover, Isagenix Founders

31CAHYl1oKL._01_SX218_.png“At Isagenix, we want the highest quality products for our Associates.”

John Anderson, Founder and Formulator

31CAHYl1oKL._01_SX218_.png“It’s all about discovering why you want a better life, believing that you deserve it, and taking consistent actions to pursue your dreams.  It’s a choice.”

Mike D, Isagenix User

Are you ready to change?
Would you like more energy, to feel more youthful, lose those stubborn pounds, build lean muscle?

What are your key health concerns?

Have you tried a variety of ‘diets’, only to put all the lost weight back on again, and more?

Do you find it a struggle going up a flight of steps?

How restful was your sleep last night?

Do you have a few more wrinkles than you would have liked?

Have you got used to having a foggy brain?

Are you just not satisfied with the way your body feels?

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have completely transformed their lives with Isagenix.

With the Isagenix system, people:

  • Look and feel more youthful
  • Have new, boundless energy
  • Have released both weight and inches

There are thousands of testimonials from delighted users of Isagenix, but the only way to really know how good it is, is to put it to the test in your own body.  For more information and to get in touch, just click here.

100 percent money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

There’s absolutely no risk. The Isagenix system is supported by a 30-day money-back guarantee as we are so confident on the impact that Isagenix will have on your body and your life. If you don’t believe that your Isagenix products matches up to the promise, simply return them within the 30 days to get a full refund.

Want to be part of the Isagenix family?

Isagenix isn’t available in retail outlets, but is spread and shared through word of mouth. Our team is growing and we’re looking for more people with a passion for serving others, an entrepreneurial spirit and a real desire to be part of a high performing team. To discuss further, let’s arrange a virtual coffee.