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How to reduce sugar cravings: radio interview

Debbie Walker interviewed me for her radio show - Food For thought, on Natural Health Radio, which I am pleased to see has found its way onto many other sites. Here's a link to the Youtube version. The interview is based on my book: Sugar:

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Environmental Health – thought provoking video

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Why eat whole foods?

Here's a post from Heather (my wife) on the benefits of eating whole foods. 50 years ago, all foods were whole foods, full of vitamins and minerals. We didn't have to try to eat whole foods, they were everywhere! Then the food industry became an

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70 Percent of Americans on Prescription Drugs

Flicking through a copy of CAM (the magazine for complementary and alternative medicine professionals) today, I was surprised to read that Mayo Clinic found that nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, more than half take two, and 20% take

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Green Juice comes to Pret a Manager

As I suspected, the increasing demand for green juice is starting to become mainstream which is great! I was in Pret a Manager today right near Green Park Station in Central London, and was delighted to see a very green looking drink that would be

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Food for Thought with Lawrence Mitchell Wednesday 19th February at 2pm « Natural Health RadioNatural Health Radio

A couple of weeks back, I did an interview with Debbie Walker for Food for Thought, a radio show on Natural Health Radio. You'll get a chance to listen in this Wednesday at 2pm. Below is the promotion for the interview and I'll post a


7 Strategies for a healthy life-style

Ok, I agree. Living a healthy life-style isn't easy for everyone! If it was, I guess we'd all be doing it. And, depending on your starting point, it can often seem very difficult to get started. For those of you who are keen to get

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