Mitchell Lawrence

Hi, I’m Lawrence Mitchell and Welcome to Raw Energy.

As a health enthusiast, health and business coach, chief marketing officer, investor and father, I founded Raw Energy in 2013 to help people regain control of their health and wellbeing through education, community and data.

Raw Energy is a wellbeing education and coaching service that exists to empower and guide ‘Worried Well’ people to help themselves into health and wellbeing, while also becoming channels to lead their partners into healthier lifestyles.

Although many of my coaching clients start their health changes when they take a break from or leave their careers, my life is proof that you don’t need to change every aspect of your life to get the results you desire.

As a husband, father and a career professional working as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for a large publishing company, I’m passionate about using helpful data from sources like personal wearable technology, blood tests and simple habit-tracking to help myself and my clients create and maintain a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

I received my health coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York City in 2013 which was the culmination of 20 years of personal study in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

Raw Energy exists to provide you with the tools and education about:

  • The importance of daily nutrition.
  • Increasing your everyday activity levels.
  • Developing personal resilience for mental and emotional wellbeing.Beginning with education, my mission is to help you find healthy habits and rituals that create positive momentum gradually over time. By making incremental progress that reshapes your lifestyle from the ground up, I am confident that you begin to discover true health transformations.


Meeting me today, you might not guess that I struggled with my own health and wellbeing when I was younger.  Eating well and exercising were far from my consciousness as a child and in my early teens.

My journey as a wellbeing coach began almost by accident when I was 18 years old whilst travelling across America by bus with my friend Jason.

It was a life-changing adventure, but it was also the most unhealthy period of my life. I had begun to put on weight after sacrificing my health and activity levels to study for my exams. With a diet that included high fat and high sugar foods, I neglected exercise and arrived in America weighing 210lbs.

To be honest, I didn’t even understand that there was a link between food and weight at the time!

As I put on fat, I wrongly assumed that eating fats made you fat. So I resolved not to eat any French fries! And this resolution is what began my slow journey towards health and wellbeing – a journey that has been full of moments of struggle with food, nutrition and exercise.

Without a guide, I learnt through trial and error, making many mistakes along the way, sculpting my own wellbeing toolkit and roadmap.

Perhaps your own health journey started like mine: based on fad dieting techniques and the latest “miracle” strategies?

  • I was fed the best quality wholefoods as a child, but resented the fact that my snackbox contained home-made wholemeal rock cakes, rather than delicious-looking candy bars and cookies
  • As a teen I rebelled and bought way too many sweet things and junk foods which took its toll on my dental health and weight
  • At university, I drank too much alcohol and began to smoke socially. Given that I socialised a lot, my “social smoking” became a much bigger health issue
  • But by 25, I had quit smoking and drinking and began to take up running. I spent 10 months in intensive training (putting massive stress on my body) and completed my first marathon in London. Over the next decade I ran 5 more marathons and numerous other shorter races, lived on high carbs and low fat, believing I had found the right formula for me and was closed to other ideas
  • In 2006, I attended my first personal development event and for the first time realised that many of the tools I had been creating to lead to a better life already existed! This inspired me to become a Life Coach in 2007, to enable me to help others to do what, by now, came naturally to me.
  • By the age of 35, I discovered the vegan raw food nutritional theory which, though quite extreme, resonated with me. I adopted the raw food lifestyle and advocated it to family and friends as I believed this was the only solution.
  • In 2012, I’d balanced my thinking and expanded my diet to include the best quality wholefoods (including some cooked foods and fish), returning to some of the core principles I’d learnt as a child.

  • But in 2007, I experienced one of the scariest health issues of my life.


It was an event that changed my journey to wellbeing, once and for all.

I was on one of my favourite running routes near London, a day like any other, when I blacked out and collapsed, and was rushed to the emergency room.

After being hooked up to a multitude of machines and medical equipment, doctors discovered that my heart was beating at irregular intervals. The top medics were at a loss to the cause, as there was no personal or family medical history of heart conditions. So, they kept me in the hospital for the entire weekend conducting a wide range of tests that attempted to uncover the cause of this sudden and unexpected episode that may have threatened my life.

Here I was, thinking that I had a created a robust “wellbeing toolkit” and all of a sudden I was in the hospital surrounded by blinking heart rate monitors!

I couldn’t quite believe that this was happening.

After two scary days, my heart rhythm returned to normal, and an echocardiogram revealed that I had suffered no heart damage. The cause was put down to an intense and stressful work period that I had been going through

Facing my mortality when I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle made me acutely aware of the importance of creating a holistic health regimen that was balanced, integrated and emphasized emotional wellbeing.

Emotional wellbeing was something that I didn’t think I had time for when I was younger, focused on career and just exploring my way through life.

My heart scare was the wake-up call that I needed to change my mindset.

It spurred me to include rest and meditation rituals into my overall wellbeing toolkit.

These life and health experiences have taught me that anyone can transform their wellbeing by making simple changes to their lifestyle and putting in proper mechanisms and tools to help yourself succeed.

But what works for one person doesn’t work for everyone, and there isn’t one diet, quick fix or trick to help you live optimally. That’s why I believe in taking a custom approach to precisely understand your own needs, goals and lifestyle before making any recommendations.


My approach to your wellbeing embodies five core ideas:

  • Whilst there are some common denominators to wellbeing and health, there is not one diet or lifestyle that suits us all
  • Whilst food is a very important component of a healthy lifestyle, it is not the only contributor.
  • Whilst trends tell a worrying story of obesity and the rise of chronic disease, with the right advice and guidance you do not need to follow the trends.
  • With 40 years’ worth of health theories gradually unraveling, we need to be clear on what’s fact, what’s opinion and what’s fiction.
  • The destination needs to be inspiring, but the journey should also be fun!


“One step at a time.”

If you’re like me, then your life experiences have been guiding you to discover an integrated, holistic approach to wellbeing. That’s the approach that I share and believe in passionately to this day.

My approach helps you shed new light and understanding on where your health is right now. That way, you can lean out into the future to see if your current habits are taking you to a good place – and, if not, you can gain insight into what you need to change

Health and wellbeing can be a bit serious at times, being so full of “do’s” and “don’ts.”

That’s why I adopt an entertaining approach to help you enjoy the process, and focus much of your attention onto the positive “do’s,” rather than the frustrating “don’ts.”

I believe that if you keep adding good stuff, the bad will get crowded out over time. That has been my experience, in life and in business.

I’ll help you create your own “personal wellbeing toolkit” that gives you different choices, skills and strategies that you can use to improve your wellbeing any and every day of your life.

My ‘Raw Energy Framework’ simplifies your journey to improved health and wellbeing. Divided into three main steps, the Framework acknowledges that transformation comes not from doing just one thing, but repeating a number of small things consistently over time.

I’ll help you:

  • Understand your current habits and activity levels using databased insights that can help you track progress and change over time, encouraging you to even greater achievements
  • Achieve a healthy weight through small steps and balanced approaches
  • Develop personal resilience through emotional wellbeing strategies and life-coaching so that you can cope with life’s ups and downs

I field expertise from a number of qualifications in psychology, nutritional theories and life coaching as well as having led many transformational situations that help me create a customised approach to your own wellbeing.

I know that my Raw Energy Framework will work for you—because it has been created for you.

If you feel ready to start transforming your health and wellbeing, I would be honoured to help you achieve your goals.

I work with clients around the world via Skype and telephone sessions, as well as in-person where possible. My programs range from short-burst one-to-one coaching sessions and small group workshops to entirely tailor-made programs for both individuals and groups.

All of my programs are designed to help you create, support and achieve your goals, so you can feel confident that you can start to take positive action towards health and wellbeing straight away.

Please contact me today to schedule an initial Discovery session where we can meet, have a conversation and start to get to know one another.

Meanwhile, Raw Energy exists as a free resource to help you make sense of all of the conflicting nutritional theories and health information that is out there today. You’ll find plenty of practical information on food and health-related hot topics on my Raw Energy blog that I’ve created to help inform, educate and inspire you to live well.

Thank you for your interest in Raw Energy. Wherever you are in your journey, I wish you every success.

If you’re interested in working with me, contact me for an initial Discovery session. I look forward to the pleasure of speaking with you.

With very best wishes,

Larry Mitchell

Founder, Raw Energy

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Lawrence Mitchell