• Potion for removing heavy metals

My Detox Potion to Remove Lead From Your Bones

Heavy metals like cadmium and lead are all around us - from the pollution given off by cigarettes, cars, industrial pollutants, to the bi-product of the constuction industry, toxic metals are in the air, soil, water, cosmetics, cleaning fluids and the

Macrobiotic Diet Food Pyramid – what you need to know

Thanks to I first came across the Macrobiotic diet when a friend's father was suffering from cancer some years ago now. It sounded extremely restrictive and from that point, I always associated the diet and lifestyle  with brown rice and cancer sufferers. It

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Dr. David Agus at Dreamforce 2013

An inspiring speech from Dr. David Angus, a leading cancer specialist, who's overall message of focusing on prevention and looking at data to support health decisions is very consistent with my own views.  

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Deepak Chopra and Friends Panel Session at Dreamforce

Health and healthcare were big themes at Dreamforce in San Francisco last week, and there was a number of very interesting keynote talks. Here's a 30 minute panel discussion featuring Deepak Chopra, Dr David Agus and Dr Wayne Dyer.  

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3 Reasons to Eat Less Meat

3 Reasons to Eat Less Meat One topic which is often debated in nutrition circles is whether or not people should eat meat. Humans can certainly survive and thrive without meat or animal products in their diet, and, in my view, there are three

Over 40% of cancers due to lifestyle

One common misconception is that most chronic diseases are down to genetics. In other words, if it's in your genes, well there's nothing that can be done to change your future. I was therefore very interested to read the findings from Prof Max Parkin which


What Will Matter – The Gerson Cancer Therapy

I first came across the Gerson Cancer Therapy back in 2008 when I watched quite an inspirational film, The Beautiful Truth. It's a 90 minute movie, but well worth the time investment. The words from the final scene are very impactful and I've pasted them

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