Worried About Your Finances Due to the Corona Crisis?

Right now, we are living through unprecedented times. Some of the personal stories I have come across, both from a health, and a financial perspective, are heartbreaking. Many people are finding themselves with income sources that are unstable or have gone away completely and all the normal investment vehicles seem like complete no-go areas. Without any knowledge of when this crisis will end, you, no doubt, have concerns about what the implications will be, both in the short- and long-term, for your savings and any investments, moving forwards.

The important message, first and foremost is, “You will get through this.” There is a way forward. It’s a case of working out what to do, bearing our current reality in mind.

But, what to do?

Actually, there are a range of things that can be done, even in this economic climate. In any environment, there are winners to be found and we spend a great deal of time investigating where these winners are and what types of businesses tend to do well in uncertain times. 

Certainly, this current climate requires a very different investment strategy to ‘life as normal’. Adopting a new strategy can help you harness the natural tendencies of the assets that perform better at unstable, uncertain times. There are many lessons that we can learn from periods of economic uncertainty.  For example, many people rush to the safety of precious metals as the ultimate storehouse of value. 

Knowing how it all works means that you can position yourself strategically to ride out this sudden storm, and sleep more soundly at night, knowing that you are doing things that work at times like these.

When you are worried about your finances, it can be debilitating and scary. I know – I’ve been there, many times. When you are scared about money, it is shown to impact relationships and also your mental health. Financial instability is actually the #1 cause of depression and anxiety and relationship breakdown.

We at WealthFORCE are here to help you. We know and understand that you are in pain right now and we want you to know that we are available for you, if you need our assistance in any way.

We have decades of experience of investing through all sorts of economic disturbances, through wars, terrorist attacks, other viruses, crashes and corrections and we have learned so much from having ‘skin in the game’ through all these events, and more.

We have learned what performs well at different times, so we can be there for you and hold your hand. We can educate you about investment trends and how to invest, and help you find ways to both preserve and grow your wealth, with protection in place that will work in different scenarios.  This will enable you to look forward to a wealthier future, even in maximum times of uncertainty.

What do we do at WealthFORCE?

Our role as financial wellbeing consultants and mentors is to help you preserve and enhance your financial position. By adopting our unique methodology, we’ll give you clarity about your finances as well as your money mindset, helping you put in place a strategy to navigate the uncertain times ahead. We take a holistic perspective, enhancing every aspect of your financial life, 360°, to help you emerge from this uncertain time as a winner.

You will emerge with a total ‘financial makeover’, complete with a set of ‘wealthy habits’, which will have a lasting effect on your entire life.

This is a great process to go through at any time, but at this crisis time, it is even more important to empower yourself right now.

When we have clarity on your financial position, we get to work out what you need to do. We will also help you put in place Wealthy Habits that will serve you, long after this disaster is behind us. The knowledge gained can literally be passed down generations.

We absolutely love helping. Our mission is to help people get out of the pain of financial distress and live more healthy, fulfilling lives. We can not only assist with your overall strategy, but we can walk you through how you go about putting your plan into action. From setting up an account to actually knowing how and what to invest in. Everything you need to get started will be covered. And all taking place via Zoom, to ensure complete physical safety.

Remember, if you delegate your finances to someone outside your family, you are actually delegating your life. At WealthFORCE we educate you to take care of your own finances and therefore be stronger and more in control than ever before. You will have a set of tools to empower yourself.

YES! I would like to find out more about how to gain the financial knowledge, help and accountability I need to thrive during this uncertain period

Who are we?

Heather MitchellWEALTHForce is led by Heather Mitchell, who has been a personal investor for her entire life! Her parents introduced her to investing and compound growth when she was very young and she has been an avid investor ever since. Learning in the trenches, plus being a complete learning junkie, she has hungrily consumed a long list of courses and mentors (on subjects such as value investing; unit trust investing; options trading; dividend investing; growth investing; tech shares; crypto trading; financial freedom training; ecommerce; gamification; presentation skills; she also has a CIM postgraduate diploma in marketing). She spends 1-2 hours every day researching the markets and understanding the economic situation.

Building a solid career in quantitative market research, Heather has a natural ability to both research and crunch data, both vital skills in the world of investing. Also an experienced qualitative researcher, she has the additional knack of asking the right questions to dig deep to get to the heart of the issue. She is a certified NLP Practitioner.

She has lived through the dot.com crash and the GFC and survived both unscathed.

She is passionate about empowering people to see the opportunities that surround us every day and how simple tweaks to everyday attitudes and actions can make all the difference.