Find EQUILIBRIUM across five dimensions of life and achieve life-long freedom: money, mindset, time, relationships and purpose through The Finding EQUILIBRIUM Total Wellbeing Program, the foundation of all our EQUILIBRIUM programs.
You will discover the strategies, techniques and structures you need to successfully set yourself free in a sustainable way.
Having been a passionate advocate for   promoting and enabling Total Wellbeing for a long time, I’ve learnt that it is possible to:
a. Do work that aligns with your purpose
b. Make good money 
c. Work for joy, rather than necessity so that you can experience Time Freedom
Finding EQUILIBRIUM is the result of my personal search for freedom over the last 30 years. A journey that has taken me to the higher layers of corporate executive management, through every stage of the business cycle, through the pages of 100s of books, qualifications in marketing, nutrition, health, life and business coaching and astrology.
A journey that has supported me through the high seas of change. And I have finally found EQUILIBRIUM, but most importantly I have developed a tool kit to help me get back into EQUILIBRIUM when I need to, and to teach you the skills to do the same. 
It really doesn’t matter what has gone before. We are here now and we’re here to help you.

Finding EQUILIBRIUM is a personal journey for each and every one of us. We created EQUILIBRIUM to give you the practical tools to Find EQUILIBRIUM across five dimensions of your life:

  • Physical (your body),
  • Mindset & emotional wellbeing (your thoughts & feelings),
  • Connection (your purpose, your relationships),
  • Financial (your money)
  • Time, the most precious source of energy there is as it’s finite! 
Knowledge is Power
We have create six,  2 hour master classes to give you the knowledge, skills and practices to help you find your EQUILIBRIUM:
  • Masterclass 1: From Fight and Flight to EQUILIBRIUM: Winning Mindset 
  • Masterclass 2. Make friends with your Gut Micro biome: Physical Wellbeing
  • Masterclass 3: Connection to others and yourself
  • Masterclass 4: The four keys to Financial Wellbeing
  • Masterclass 5. Making Time count: Pitch
In addition to the education, you will become a member of the Finding EQUILIBRIUM community and gain access to our international team of highly trained experts who will support you on your Freedom journey. This community comprises 100s of people who are available for networking, advice, friendship, collaborations and partnership. We become like the people we associate with and these people will support you to Find your EQUILIBRIUM. 
When you decide to own this priceless health, wellbeing and habit optimisation knowledge resource, you get:
  1. 5, 45 minute masterclass – value: $1k
  2. 7 Day Mindset Challenge to get you started – $50
  3. Mindset Toolkit to help you reframe the way you look at things – $50
  4. 10 expert interviews (audio and video) – $50
  5. 50 expert articles on ways to upgrade your habits and create a balanced and winning lifestyle – value: $300
  6. Bonus ebooks, guides and offers – $300

Total value: $1750

Package 1: Bronze: 

1 masterclass, 7 Day Mindset Challenge, Mindset Toolkit – $295

5 masterclasses, 7 Day Mindset Challenge, 50 expert articles, Mindset Toolkit, 50 expert articles, 10 expert interviews – $495

5 masterclasses, 7 Day Mindset Challenge, 50 expert articles, Mindset Toolkit, 50 expert articles, 10 expert interviews, 60 minute one-to-one coaching session – $795

Owning the content also gives you access to eCourses, guides, eBooks and other advice from the expert writers, at no additional charge!
+ A Better Life Planning Workbook & Templates ($50 value!)
+ Success without Stress Ebook ($30 value!)
+ Kombucha Making mini course ($39 value!)
+ Smart Wearables market overview Guide ($20 value!)
+ Ayurveda Herbs Practical Checklist ($30 value!)
+ Loss Guide
+ Astrology intro chart reading ($80 value!)
+ Earn 5% of purchase price in Inner Origin credits!
+ And more!
I am so grateful that you’re making an investment in Finding EQUILIBRIUM in your life and yourself!
Your guide,
Lawrence Mitchell