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IGNITE is a boutique strategy, innovation and customer experience consultancy that helps small and medium-sized businesses with win/win/win/win solutions to break through and create extraordinary value.

IGNITE focuses on helping businesses who want to make a difference win/win/win/win

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the employee

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the customer

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the planet

Our purpose is to lift the vibration around the world. Win, Win, Win, Win.

Our mission is to support and guide business owners & entrepreneurs to create win/win/win/win through the power of connection & investment

Are you looking to reevaluate and move towards a state of EQUILIBRIUM in your whole life?

If the answer is Yes,  then you need RAW ENERGY FOCUS.
At RAW Energy FOCUS, we work with individuals to help them:
a. Get clear on their unique strengths
b. Adapt their lifetstyle to support their individuality
c. Focus forward to create a total life plan that supports you

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A year ago, I was stuck in a dead-end job, procrastinating. In a single coach session, Lawrence has provided me with the appropriate tool and help to define, structure and focus on my ideals. 12 months down the line, things have happened and I collect daily rewards of what has been the best investment for a fulfilled and happier life.

- Blandine Mathay

Lawrence has been an awesome coach and mentor since the time we first met about 4 years ago! Over the past year, regular coaching sessions with him have helped me clarify, set goals aligned with my strengths and values and have simple systems in place to keep me moving forward with confidence. I have been a seeker and on Mindfulness journey for the past few years and with Lawrence’s help I have been able to push boundaries to make healthier choices and take steps towards my vision of holistic wellness. I love his energy and it has been truly inspiring…he knows exactly when to challenge me and support me to keep growing. I would strongly recommend arranging a virtual coffee with Lawrence if you are keen to transform yourself within and without. You will enjoy the journey! Thank you, Lawrence, for everything.

- Reshma, Marketing Leader and Mindfulness trainer

It is an honour and pleasure to be working with Lawrence to help ‘fuel greatness’ and inspire and educate others to invest in their wellbeing and personal growth and success. Lawrence is a true leader in wellness with so much to share making him an inspiration to work with. He is also a great business coach who has been helping me in my journey. Lawrence is a great guy, is easy going and always has time for you.

- Timo Topp, Sydney. Personal Trainer and Workplace Wellness Specialist

Working with Lawrence and the Raw Energy philosophy has helped rebalance my priorities and goals. I previously focused almost solely on career goals to the detriment of my physical and mental health and relationships. By rebalancing my goals and learning more about health and wellbeing, I’ve been able to make consistent changes to improve my habits. I’m more active, make better food choices, am increasing my savings and have the physical, mental and emotional energy to achieve my goals.

- Lucy Dunwell, Head of Marketing, New Scientist

Lawrence is an inspirational leader and manager, with the detailed focus that empowers high-quality on-time on-budget delivery of projects combined with a the big picture view that ensures each progression is a step in the long-term direction to continuous improvement at every level: products, processes and people. He is a pleasure to work for and really gets the best out of those around him, with far-reaching influence way beyond his immediate circle.

- Sophy Ashworth, Former Head of Marketing, Reed Business Information, mother of three, Houston, USA