On simplicity, change, and the benefits of technology.

QSR Media: What makes you excited about your position?

It’s wonderful working for a business where everyone is truly passionate about creating quality food that tastes amazing, and challenges the perception that eating healthy food requires customers to sacrifice taste. Not true at Sumo! At 14 years old, SumoSalad has a very impressive track record and an exciting strategy and vision, and it’s so great to be part of a purpose-driven business where the values are so aligned with my own.

QSR Media: What are your key business philosophies?

Keep things simple. Focus on developing your people and leverage technology and data to make it easier to deliver outstanding value and experience for customers.

QSR Media: What three goals are you focused on?

SumoSalad is at a really interesting point in its history, so updating and telling the brand story consistently through multi-media content is a key focus. We’re also investing significantly in technology to make it easier for customers to order and easier for staff to get things done. Developing the MySumo app is a big focus for me as it evolves our store formats to give our customers access to our great food wherever they are. Our recent partnership with Caltex is a good example of this.

QSR Media: What long-term changes are you planning on?

I’ve only been part of the SumoSquad for little over a month, but I’ve inherited a great brand reputation, strong network of stores and an amazing culture. My focus is building on this foundation, widening our channel mix and tooling the ‘SumoSquaddies’ to bring the SumoSalad brand experience to a much larger audience. It’s very exciting.

QSR Media: What previous positions have prepared you for this one and how?

I’ve worked in all types of business at all stages of maturity, so I’m very used to change and transformation driven by technology. I spent a large chunk of my career working in the publishing industry, most recently for RBI in London which successfully transformed from a print-based magazine publisher, to a digital, data and technology business. Being there through the transformation was hard, but an amazing experience which taught me so many things. Finally, running my own business, Raw Energy, has taught me so many things, including the critical importance of focusing on the few things that will have the biggest impact.


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