Hemp Hemp Hooray Daily Moisturiser

The most soothing moisturiser we’ve ever used – it’s my go-to product of choice.

Designed from hemp-seed oil, it is suitable for the most sensitive skin, and is great for people with skin conditions, including excema and acne.

We just love it!

Magic Mud Man Face Scrub

Zeosoft Magic Mud for Men Face Scrub is made from the incredible New Zealand Rotorua Mud. 

The mud there is so invigorating for the skin, that it not only gets clean, but it also gets nourished by the incredible minerals it contains, as well as beautifully soft and moisturised.

This is one special face scrub.

Well Washed Probiotic Body Wash

What you put on your skin is mega important, as your body absorbs whatever is put on it, straight into your bloodstream.

We love this body wash as it is contains only natural ingredients – not only that, but it also is probiotic, meaning it contains good beneficial bacteria that literally feeds the body outside in.

With a delicious aroma, we feel priveleged to wash with this every day.

My Mag Essentials Magnesium Lotion Lemon Myrtle

The most relaxing way to take in magnesium.

This can be used as a massage oil, or as a lotion to gently massage in your daily magnesium dosage.  Designed for everyone, but especially good for children and those with sensitive digestive systems that find taking magnesium in pill-form difficult.

Such a nicer way to take in magnesium!

Probiotic Solutions Fresh Feet

Such a good idea to use probiotics to remove foot odour.

Also good for smelly bins, drains, cars and anything else you need to deodorise.

Love it!

Soleo Organics Natural Sunscreen

It’s important to guard against the sun’s powerful rays (after getting your dose of vitamin D!), but normal sunscreens contain a cocktail of chemicals that can create as much damage as they are designed to prevent.

This product is different as it contains none of the nasties that the standard products have, yet it protects just as well, against both cancers, as well as ageing.

It also contains Vitamin E, so moisturing to the skin and is suitable for young children.

We particularly like this product as it absorbs well and is less sticky than other chemical-free brands.

Ormus Gold

A wonderful product, made from the essence of gold.

Has many benefits but particuarly good for anti-ageing and skin clearing benefits, eg. from scarring or acne.

This product is (literally) good enough to eat!

Made from edible products, it is a skin care product, but it is also something that can be eaten or drunk as well.

It contains both turmeric, but also black pepper, which makes the turmeric ten times more powerful.  Turmeric is particularly good at reducing inflammation, which many say is the root cause of disease.

A fabulous product.

Kelapa Organics Shampoo

This is a shampoo that is almost good enough to eat!

Made with natural ingredients, but particularly cocunut, which is so nourishing to the hair and makes it look beautiful and shiny.

So lovely and luxurious to use (and so great to know that you are not harming yourself or your planet).

Kelapa Organics Shampoo

A 3-part system that simultaneously cleanses, aids weight loss and reduces wrinkles effortlessly.

Scientifically proven to enhance skin within 8 weeks, this unique product actually does what it says on the packet!  Invented by revered naturopath and passionate health-promoter Angela Maree Smith, this product has all the optimal quantities of the purest-sourced ingredients, including collagen, to give your body a complete health boost, which shines through in your skin and your overall health.