Whilst life spans have increased dramatically over the past 200 years, health spans have not kept pace.

In fact, chronic illnesses are affecting so many of us, thanks in part to a diet full of refined carbs and sugar.

Sugar is everywhere and is affecting our health, contributing to the dramatic growth in diabetes cases to 29 million Americans.  Not to mention heart disease, cancer and other degenerative diseases.

If you’re keen to feed your family a healthy diet, but are confused by all of the media and food marketing hype, this short guide will help.

In just 60 pages, you’ll discover:

  • Why not all sugars are equal
  • How to avoid low energy periods
  • Why artificial sweeteners aren’t a great option
  • Which fruits to avoid
  • How to reduce your risk of getting diabetes
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What People Are Saying:

This wonderful little book opened my eyes to the fact that sugar is in everything! I now know where sugar is hiding and how to translate the labels on food. Having been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I had struggled for some time to get my blood sugar down from being sky high. In it I read about the techniques and guidelines on how to change my diet. After practising it for over 3 months, my latest blood test shows the level has come down to 5.2. Hooray! – maybe, if I can get my blood sugar below 5 then I could even drop the label ‘type 2 diabetic’. I have read other books on tackling Type 2 Diabetes but this one was very informative, easy to read and understand, and for me it works.
Angela Parsons
I love this book, brilliant – I could not believe how much sugar I was consuming a day and I understand now why I have gained 7 pounds in 8 months. I am 5ft 1 and usually weigh 119 pounds , now I am 126 pounds.I will start reducing my sugar intake today.Thank you very much for showing me the way to lose weight naturally.
Mrs S. Adams
Review of Sugar Sticky of Sweet Ebook on Amazon by Mike Fraser
I have learnt a huge amount from this well researched book which has lots of data to back it up, and includes an action plan which is ideal, if, like me, you need practical guidance to kick the habit of excess sugar in your diet.
M. Fraser
An easy-read overview of sugar and what to watch out for in your diet. I found this book full of useful guidance on how to identify and manage my sugar intake. V practical – I’ve got my favourite pages pinned up inside my pantry. I made changes immediately to how I shop and eat, and I can feel the difference already. Highly recommended.
Sophy99 “sophy111”
Review of Sugar Sticky of Sweet Ebook on Amazon by Chitra Appasamy
This book was ideal – not long or heavy, but full of exactly the information I needed to know :) For those who want a concise, conversational and informative overview of the actual, everyday impact of sugar on your body.
Chitra Appasamy “pinstripedcheeta”

4 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  • How sugar is more addictive than cocaine!
  • The different types and names of sugar… and the most dangerous of all types that should be avoided at all costs
  • 14 straightforward ways that you too can kick the sugar habit forever
How sugar is more addictive than cocaine! Where to find sugar in foods.... and it's often not where you think! The different types and names of sugar... and the most dangerous of all types that should be avoided at all costs 14 straightforward ways that you too can kick the sugar habit forever
Lawrence Mitchell

Lawrence Mitchell is an author, Transformation & Wellbeing Coach, corporate marketing leader and distance runner.

In ‘Sugar – Sickly or Sweet’, Lawrence walks you through 14 steps to help you reduce the amount of processed sugars you’re consuming, lose weight and enjoy other benefits to your health and wellbeing.

He is passionate about health and wellness and is committed to helping people incorporate healthy habits into their lives to enable them to have lots of energy, live well and get the most out of every day.

Lawrence writes regularly on the Raw Energy blog:  https://getrawenergy.co and you can follow his work on Twitter and other social networks.

Twitter: @RawEnergy100
Facebook: getrawenergy.co
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