Success Without Stress: How to Prevent Burnout and Build Resilience for Optimal Health and Performance (The Busy People Series Book 2)

The Why, & The How, in an easy to read format – suitable for individuals or a whole company, Lisa Arthur

61EC1SHxa0L._SS218_“This isn’t a flick through and put away kind of book. It’s been carefully put together and has a lot of information written in an inspiring way, and the layout makes it easy to read without getting word blind or distracted. I really enjoyed the split of information and education followed by suggestions and tips on what to do – they why and then the how. Very clever. The author’s personal story and journey and current way of living gives this the credibility you would come to expect from this kind of title so I have made lots of notes and am giving some of the ideas presented a bit of a go. It doesn’t seem to daunting, just a few easy to implement habits which I am looking forward to benefiting from.Whether you want this book for yourself as I did, or to share with your team, it’s a really good read (actually if you are in HR you should get it and make it available for the whole company).”

A must read!, Miss Kirsten Samuelon

Miss Kirsten Samuel“Stress is one of the most spoken about causes of ill health in our ‘always connected’ modern world, however, there are very few books out there which explain it well. Look no further. “Success without Stress” is an engaging, well written and easy to follow read based on real life experience and backed by evidence. It is logically split into two parts: Understanding what stress is and how it affects us, and a Wellbeing Toolkit comprising practical advice, suggestions and top tips for adopting a lifestyle of healthy habits.

So whether you’re a seasoned professional battling with stress at work, or have a personal interest in it yourself or for a friend or a colleague, read this now and recommend it to everyone you know!”

One to treasure – a book on how to overcome stress, grow in resilience and take back control over your life, CBurn
51rBqgBiqVL._01_SX218_.png“Unlike other ‘self-help’ or psychology and wellbeing books I read, this one has a simple and clear message delivered without forcing the reader through pages and pages of academic thinking, supporting research and evidence. You read it because it takes you by the hand and leads you through the changes that you need to make and why. The essence of reams and reams of research is distilled and summarised for you in clear, easy to manage and memorable chunks. All you have to do is follow the advice. By the end of your read the new you will feel more in charge and (warning!) you may even find yourself quoting excerpts of the book back at the world.”
A great book to read on understanding, managing and preventing stress and building resilience., MA Goldby RGN,RM
410oVwkXc4L._01_SX218_.png“The subject of Stress is causing more and more concern to everyone. Its a complex subject and there is a lot of information around.
I found this book to be widely researched and well written .
It covers the whole topic of stress clearly and sensibly and gives good personal examples, which the reader can identify with.
I particularly liked the sections on building personal resilience and good habits .I would recommend this book to my family, friends and colleagues.
It would be a brilliant resource to have if you are manager, as it covers work stress also.”
Helpful, not preachy, advice, Luke Hohmann
310gjkDA3GL._01_SX218_.png“As a seasoned entrepreneur, I’ve *had* to learn how to manage the stress of striving to be a good husband, father and CEO. It hasn’t always been easy, and over the years I’ve developed a variety of patterns for managing stress. I wish, though, I had Lawrence’s book when I started. He gives practical advice on a variety of topics. And while I think I enjoy cookies and ice cream a bit more than Lawrence would recommend, I’m thankful that his advice focuses on being helpful, not preachy.”
Useful resource for HR managers, DL Walker

51c45HoOtRL._01_SX218_.png“The first thing that came to mind whilst reading this book was how useful it would of been whilst I was working in HR as a manager previously, it could be very easily used as a basis for managing stress conversations, as well as useful within a team environment for when the ‘going gets tougher’. There are times when we know that employees are likely to experience stress and difficult times, but often the support isn’t put in place for them or done at the right times, but this book would be a very easy and supportive tool that could help create a foundation tool to be used by both managers and their direct reports.So I think it’s a fantastic resource for all manager’s in how they can help their staff be resilient when confronted with situations that they personally are finding stressful. Our workplaces carry so much stress within them, and this then knocks on to ill health, and performance issues, and this book would be a very good and inexpensive resource to have to hand during those times.”

The truth about stress made simple, Chitra Appasamy
41APDLnVU-L._01_SX218_.png“I always enjoy reading Lawrence’s books. They’re well-written, sincere, and drawn from real-life experiences, which makes them very relatable; as well as a lot easier to digest than thick books full of intimidating sentences. Stress is a serious issue that effects everyone in today’s world, and everyone should have a chance to read about it in a way they can understand, empathise with and apply in their daily lives. So if you’re stressed out, burnt-out and tired, and want to turn things around – grab this book for a quick, happy and transformative read. It could be the boost you need so badly.”
Reduce Stress with Lawrence Mitchell’s great new read, MRS MAXINE L LECKERMAN
41EpRn4FnIL._01_SX218_.png“Stress is something that affects every single one of us in a different way, and this easy to read and navigate book is full of useful tips and has helped me implement some important adjustments to my busy life. A really useful resource.”
Very good practical guide, kim rorison
31CAHYl1oKL._01_SX218_.png“Very good practical guide. This book provides advice on relevant topics to understand and relieve stress from the medical to holistic angle. Some very helpful information and useful links are included. This is a very easy read.”
Well worth a read, Helen
31OMByxJWTL._01_SX218_.png“Very good research. An easy read and well laid out book. As a health practitioner myself I would have no hesitation in recommending it some of my own clients.”
A wellness masterpiece. Full of practical tips to help you boost personal resilience and achieve success in the world., Trevor B. Lee
31z-znwhmQL._SS218_“Based on the personal journey of the talented and successful author this self-help guide is the essential companion alongside those established across the various business disciplines. As such it will have its rightful place, and proper prominence, on your everyday reading bookshelf. Drawing on its wise counsel it will go a long way to ensuring that your success doesn’t come ‘at a price’. That price all too frequently being ill-health and corporate burn-out.”