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Vegetarian Restaurant Review: The Riverside Vegetaria – Kingston Upon Thames

So as January gallops past, I haven't forgotten my goal and commitment at the start of the year: ‘I will personally eat at 20 different vegetation, vegan or raw restaurants around the world by December and write a review on my blog for you.’ Last

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Sugar: a guide to the different types

With sugar continuing to make headlines this week, I thought I'd share this rather useful guide on different types of sugar to help you keep some sweetness in your life, whilst understanding that not all sugars are equal! Food manufacturers cleverly disguise sugar on their


Sugar: Are you eating too much?

Is sugar the new tobacco? Sugar and it’s impact on our bodies has certainly been in the news over the last few months. The UK’s Daily Mail, for instance, likened sugar to tobacco. Just yesterday,, outlined the findings of a major new report

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Avoid stress if you want to live to 100

Very interesting research published on, examining the reasons why Centenarians live so long. Whilst there's no particular patterns as the summary below shows, Centenarians overwhelmingly cite stress as the most important thing to avoid. Whilst their lives are marked by many stressful events, they


Food for Thought – Review

I listened to an interesting interview this morning which got me thinking more about goals, not how to set them, but how to help you achieve them! One particular stat interested me. Apparently, research has shown that the chances of achieving a goal increase by

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  • Wellbeing agenda video

Wellbeing At Work Agenda – Health Is Wealth – 3 Ways To Make A Difference

Get started with a 'Wellbeing Agenda' Wellbeing At Work Agenda: 3 ways to make a difference In this video, we talk about how you can get started with a wellbeing agenda that leads to win win situations for both employees and businesses. Put

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10 Tips for Creating a Healthier Workplace

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The Weightless Project | The Chopra Foundation

Bridging the gap between Obesity and Hunger I first heard about the Weightless Project when I was in San Francisco a couple of months ago. It’s a good initiative designed to incentivise those who need to lose weight to burn calories and get fitter,

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