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You may feel like you’ve been kicked by a donkey!

Not quite the words I wanted to hear when I was about to have my very first Body Stress Release (BSR) session last week, especially as I was leading a workshop the next day and wanted to feel in top form! In the event, this

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10 Reasons to Reduce Sugar

10 Reasons to reduce sugar

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How to create a healthier workplace: 5 key steps

Having a passion for wellbeing and working for a big company with great colleagues who may not necessarily share this passion for wellbeing can be challenging. So what to do if you either run a business or a department or work in a business where

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Raw Food in New York City: Pure Food and Wine Review

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Well I am finally back in the UK after two weeks in the US for what turned out to be a trip full of inspiration; interesting new contacts and some life-long experiences. I've come back with plenty of ideas for new posts and products for

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