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Men’s Running Magazine – Sugar Free Running

What is sugar free running? I write a regular column in Men's Running Magazine. This article talks about how I transformed from running on a 'regular' diet of breads, pasta and energy drinks (i.e. sugar) to a plant based approach, which I discovered from long

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  • baboons and British civil servants

What do baboons and British civil servants have in common?

If you were to survey 1k employees of a large corporate company, guess what their biggest health concern would be? Any thoughts? Well, if you thought stress, then you'd be right because that's certainly what I found with one employee wellbeing survey that I have

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Vegetarian Restaurant Review: Blind Faith Cafe, Evanston, IL

I was in Chicago a couple of weeks back, and my work colleagues took me to the Blind Faith Cafe in Evanston, about 45 minutes outside of Chicago. Mindful of my 2014 new year's resolution, I wanted to share my experience with you just in

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How Did We Get So Fat?

That is the big question The phrase “obesity crisis” has arguably become one of those tedious tabloid clichés many of us have become numb to. Seeing a headline with the words “obesity crisis” in it, many people simply turn the page to something new.

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