rsz_organisedWelcome to Raw Energy.

We’re here for one main reason: we want to have a positive impact on global health and wellbeing; freeing people from physical and emotional pain, and empowering them to transform their lives.

Good health is the foundation of life, and our philosophy is underpinned by three fundamental beliefs:

  • We are all different and have different lifestyles, genetic blueprints and interests, and whilst we all need a strategy for wellbeing to look better, feel better and live longer; no one diet works for us all
  • True wellbeing isn’t the result of doing just one thing, but the effective integration of healthy habits practiced continuously and consistently over time
  • We are whole people and play different roles which impact each other. For example, stresses at work will spill into our personal lives and vice a versa. We are also more than our physical bodies – our mind, body and spirit are all integrated to create a whole person which is, in turn, connected to other people and our physical environment.

With those beliefs in mind, our system for true wellbeing and the benefits it brings: looking better, feeling better and preventing disease, fits into 7 key areas:

  1. Eating real food which is the foundation- we believe that when you feed the body what it needs, a miracle occurs and we become slimmer, more energetic, free, resilient people. Real, whole food is therefore the foundation of a healthy life as what we eat form the building blocks of our physical bodies. We believe that we have responsibility for what we put in our bodies, and food and drink companies have a responsibility to produce food and drink that benefits people and the environment in the long-term
  2. Being active – our bodies have been designed to move and not sit down all day. Functional exercise can be incorporated into daily life by making good choices like taking the stairs; walking to the station and going for a stroll at lunch-time. Moving our bodies help us keep fit both physically and mentally.
  3. Exercising your mind – through curiosity, wide reading, meditation, quality sleep. When our minds are rested, we have enormous capacity from growth.
  4. Being open to new things – we live in an ever changing world and believe that knowledge is power and everyone deserves to know what they are eating or drinking. We also know that many of us are extremely time poor and need knowledge shared efficiently through multimedia channels
  5. Gaining insight through data – We believe that tracking and analysing data sets reveals patterns and trends that helps turn ‘thinking’ into ‘knowing’ that enables us to take action with confidence. We believe that we’re living through a revolution in healthcare to an era where data and insight delivered via an explosion in wearable technology devices will be key tools to support diagnosis, intervention and prevention, turning thinking into knowing.
  6. Building resilience – we know that life isn’t always full of joy and we are all touched by stress and tragedy, but our ability to bounce back helps us grow and have deep and positive impacts on our worlds, reducing the risk of getting heart disease, cancer, diabetes or obesity. Resilience is therefore a particularly important skill to master in our modern world, and as the lynchpins in our own lives, we need to put our own oxygen masks on before helping others, and not allow the lynchpin to ware out.
  7. Connecting with others – we are social beings and need strong, positive and supportive networks, communities and relationships to help us thrive. Workplaces are modern communities and we believe that work is a huge part of our lives and should be energising and lead to individual growth and enhanced performance. Companies and employees (and sole traders) need to work (together) to create positive and healthy jobs and work environments that enable their community to flourish. Giving back through donations, volunteering time and simply expressing gratitude to others is a key part of a healthy community.

We also believe that businesses and charities in the wellness space should have access to the tools and expertise to spread their wellness message in the marketplace to help create interventions, prevention plans and cures. We should work together to make a difference as we all have different skills and perspectives. Together we are stronger

Do you share these views? If so, we have created Raw Energy for you, especially if:

  • You want to take back control of your health and wellbeing, but are confused about where to start
  • You want to evolve your lifestyle to lose weight and keep it off; increase your energy levels; reduce the stressors in your life; cut down the risk of you getting a chronic condition; champion wellbeing in your community
  • You want to work in an environment that supports your wellbeing
  • You are looking for a framework that doesn’t require you to eat green food only and smile all day long!
  • You are committed to enhancing your own wellbeing

Raw Energy is a life-style system that guides you to eat well, move your body and achieve joy and balance in your life to enable you to achieve healthy weight loss, healthy ageing and energy and performance. Through education and coaching support, we will will guide you to help you introduce sustainable, healthy habits that support you everyday of your life.

How I can help

Work with me if you want to look better, feel better and have more energy and performance. I’ll help you.

Let’s work together to create a positive ripple effect, not only benefitting yourself, but those around you too. So join the Raw Energy community for free and receive our monthly Healthy Habits Ezine and access to our life-changing information.

The Raw Energy approach

We’re here to help you pick the diet and lifestyle that puts you back in control of your health and wellbeing.

On the surface, healthy living appears easy. Doesn’t it?

After all, all you need to find are the right strategies, tools and techniques and then implement them consistently over time to deliver the positive results you’re after.

The trouble is, that at least two thirds of our society have got some of these components wrong! Either the strategies are wrong in the first place, or they are not done consistently to achieve the lasting results you desire.

Moreover, information on HOW to live healthily is everywhere. The big issue is that we are not acting on this insight for many, very good reasons. In other words, we need more than just information!

That’s why we developed The Raw Energy Approach to physical and emotional wellbeing. It’s a very simple, customized framework designed to help you understand your current situation and then move forward in the right direction and at the right pace for you; implementing, small but consistent, good habits into your lifestyle that, over time, lead to a transformed you.

I promise you. The Raw Energy Approach will not only give you the knowledge that you need to eat and live well, but the strategies, tools and support you need to achieve lasting success, which is my single goal.

So please, take the first step and find out how you can be part of the growing Raw Energy community.

Meanwhile, Raw Energy exists as a free resource to help you make sense of all of the conflicting nutritional theories and health information that is out there today. You’ll find plenty of practical information on food and wellbeing-related hot topics on my Raw Energy blog that I’ve created to help inform, educate and inspire you to live well.

Thank you for your interest in Raw Energy. Wherever you are in your journey, I wish you every success.