How Did We Get So Fat?

That is the big question The phrase “obesity crisis” has arguably become one of those tedious tabloid clichés many of us have become numb to. Seeing a headline with the words “obesity crisis” in it, many people simply turn the page to something new.

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The Weightless Project | The Chopra Foundation

Bridging the gap between Obesity and Hunger I first heard about the Weightless Project when I was in San Francisco a couple of months ago. It’s a good initiative designed to incentivise those who need to lose weight to burn calories and get fitter,

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The Men Who Made Us Fat (Part 1 of 12)

The Men Who Made Us Fat Just as ‘The Men Who Made us Thin‘ documented the origins of our obsession with weight; ‘The Men Who Made us Fat’, helps us understand what has caused the current obesity crisis. A situation that has seen the

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New Guide to Making Food and Drink Healthier

Eat Healthy, Drink Healthy Glad to see that research and training charity, IGD, have produced a useful guide to help catering companies serve healthier food and drink. With the obesity trend continuing to grow, in the UK as many as 65% of men and

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Killer At Large Trailer

An interesting video that positions obesity as 'the terror within'. Well worth a watch.

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