Eat Healthy, Drink Healthy

Glad to see that research and training charity, IGD, have produced a useful guide to help catering companies serve healthier food and drink.

With the obesity trend continuing to grow, in the UK as many as 65% of men and 58% of women are currently overweight, it’s really important that catering companies behave as responsibly as possible.

“The reformulation guide spearheaded by IGD is a free, interactive tool to help food and drink companies – particularly those that are working towards the voluntary pledges set out in the Public Health Responsibility Deal – to improve the nutritional content of their products.

Included in the guide is advice on how to reduce saturated fat, salt and energy (including sugars), a downloadable approximate nutrition calculation tool and best practice case studies.

Professor Susan Jebb, chair of the Responsibility Deal Food Network described reformulating food and drink to reduce sugar, fat and salt content­ as “one of the most impactful ways the food industry can help people eat fewer calories and less salt, and curtail the burden of ill health caused by poor diets”.

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