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  • Lawrence Mitchell on Thrive Global

Fuelling Innovation & Business Growth by Focussing on Workplace Wellbeing

This is the first guest post Lawrence wrote for Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington's health & wellbeing website, which is based on people gaining extraordinary health inside the workplace, attaining wellness and avoiding the stress and burnout that often comes with working in an organisation. In this post, Lawrence shares his story on how he came to be passionate about wellbeing in the workplace, and how he developed a nationally-receognised award-winning health & wellbeing initiative in his organisation of 3,000 employees, in just 2 years.

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28 Tips for a Stress free Life

There is no such thing as a stress free life unless you decide to create one and add in strategies to help you become stress free. That’s because no matter what you eat, how many supplements you take and how much exercise you do, one

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