There is no such thing as a stress free life unless you decide to create one and add in strategies to help you become stress free. That’s because no matter what you eat, how many supplements you take and how much exercise you do, one thing I’ve learned is that if you’re not managing your stress levels you will be at risk of getting a degenerative condition like heart disease. And you might not realise until it’s too late.

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Honestly, I’m not saying that to scare you, but I speak very much from my own experience. 8 years ago, I believed I was invincible and managing my stress. I was eating what I thought was ‘the perfect diet’; I was running 40 miles per week and I thought this was enough.

I was wrong.

One sunny afternoon, I was out running in Kingston, Surrey when I stopped to do up my shoe laces. The world suddenly disappeared and I awoke to find myself in Kingston hospital with all kinds of wires stuck to my chest.

man laces jogging stress free life raw energyThe short version of the story is that I had an irregular heartbeat caused, no doubt, because, despite the exercise and healthy eating, I hadn’t been doing anything to mitigate the massive amount of stress I was under at the time.

In the end I was fine physically, but that experience led me to researching and studying how to get a stress free life by paying attention to the stress itself, and its impact on the body and mind as I felt very vulnerable.

I learned so much and took positive action in my own life and finally felt that I had to find an efficient way to share this great information with as many people as possible.

Hence I wrote the book: ‘Success without Stress’.

However, though I wrote the book in a way that could easily be digested in a couple of hours, I’ve had so much feedback from people who are looking for ways to mitigate the harmful effects of stress, but just don’t have two hours to spare!

So here is my latest offering – a 1 page easy to read download that you can print out and pin somewhere you can see it. You can also save it on your phone, or as a screensaver for your device.


28 Tips on How To Live A Stress Free Life

28 ways to a stress free life raw energy




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