Do you love sweet things?

Add text (4)The odd slice of cake, bar of chocolate or ice-cream can be a real treat, and you deserve a treat from time to time. The problem is that in our modern, abundent world, ‘from time to time’ has become ‘all of the time’. Sweet things taste so great that you want them all of the time, and you you can have them all of the time. It’s great. What our forefathers dreamt of is now a reality.

But there’s a price to pay.

Whilst some sweet things are good, a lot is definitely not better and we’re paying with our wellbeing. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • excess weight,I wish i had more energy
  • cravings,
  • lack of energy
  • concern over the growing number of diabetes type 2 cases

Then perhaps sugar is the culprit? Nature has designed our bodies so perfectly that when we eat too much sugar, it simply turns the excess into fat cells which are stored on different parts of our bodies. That way, you can easily tap into those reserves when food supplies are scarce, such as the winter time.

But there’s a catch.

In modern, 24/7, globalised Britain and America, it’s summer all of the time! Thankfully, we live in a free society and if you want to be fat, then that’s your choice. I’m sure you’re aware of the risks to your long-term personal wellbeing. The fact that too much sugar in our diet could lead to obesity, chronic fatigue, diabetes and a host of other medical and psychological problems, as well as a massive impact on our cash-strapped healthcare system. But it’s your life, your society and your choice. And 60% of Americans chose to be overweight.

Well, if you’d prefer not to be in the 60%, then i have a little secret.

Actually, it’s not a secret really, but it may as well be.

Most of us think of sugar consumption as eating sweet things like cakes, desserts and candy.

What many don’t realise is that eating white bread, white pasta and white rice isn’t much different – metabolically – than eating a donut as breads (starches) are converted to glucose very quickly inside the body and cause a similar rise in blood sugar. As well as sweet things and breads containing sugars, refined sugar has also found its way over the last 30 years into many savoury dishes, snacks and sauces as well. Not to mention drinks! From time to time, a few enlightened individuals try to tell us to stop eating so much sugar and we may cut out the cakes and the icecream and the sweets, but we’re still eating teaspoons galore because of the hidden sugars. And it’s significant.

Imagine putting 10 teaspoons of sugar in your tea!

Shocking thought isn’t it, but that’s exactly what you drink when you drink a can of coke, or sprite or fanta or indeed any other soda. And if you’re thinking, ‘that’s why I drink diet soda’, then think again as these artificial, chemically-driven sweeteners haven’t been around long enough to really understand the true impact on human health. And history is full of ‘safe drugs’ that turn out not to be safe 10 or 20 years later. If all of this is giving you a headache, but you want to be slimmer and more in control of your life, then i have a simple solution that will help you and your family significantly.

Introducing the Unsugar Diet

I’m calling it the Unsugar Diet, a three-step system that has been designed to give you a completely different perspective along with the framework and tools to help you create the new behavior patterns that will keep the sweetness in your life whilst boosting your wellbeing significantly.

Untitled design (3)The Unsugar Diet is my 3 week online course that will tackle the ‘sugar problem’ head on and help you:

  • Stop the frustration of yo yo dieting and finally find an eating plan that leads to sustainable weight and fat loss
  • feel energetic throughout the day
  • remain focused and relaxed
  • think clearly
  • regain control over your life

Above all, it will help you see the bigger picture and upgrade your nutrition for a healthier lifestyle. These are just some of the wellbeing benefits that thousands of people around the world report when they focus on reducing the refined sugars in their diets.

The first Unsugar programme starts on October 1st and registration opens on September 1st.

The programme is designed to change your perspective and start to build a solid foundation for you to flourish. It’ll be hard work, but it will be fun and I guarantee that you’ll look and feel different at the end. The Unsugar Diet isn’t for everyone. I have created ‘The Unsugar Diet’ only for those people who are:

  • Fed-up with current diet plans that focus on calories and are successful over time in only 1% of cases
  • Committed to losing weight for the long-term
  • Have the time to go through each module AND do the action steps required to develop new healthy habits and reprogramme your mind in the process.

The Unsugar Diet Course will teach you:

  • The historic context so you understand why we’re eating so much sugar today
  • To finally understand the true sources of sugar so that you can navigate your way around grocery store isles, restaurant menus and buffet selections with ease and control
  • How to safely detox from sugar and then perform a kitchen makeover so that you can create speedy and delicious, low sugar meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • What to snack on
  • How to build a support system that you can rely on
  • The role of exercise to support your weight loss and energy goals
  • Staying on track, including a step-by-step list of exactly what to do when a sugar craving strikes!

The Unsugar Diet Introductory course is just $49. Click here to register now.

Register Now (1)

I also appreciate the importance of family support with any change in diet or lifestyle. That’s why i am including your partner in the programme for no extra cost. My goal is to spread this important programme with as many people as possible so that we can easily filter out clever advertising messaging that lead to fat profits for the food and drink companies and fat people in the process.

The Unsugar diet gives you:

  • Weekly online modules delivered every Monday for three weeks during October with clear lessons and steps to put into action
  • Live coaching calls to support you during the programme, so that you can get your specific questions answered
  • Access to the Unsugar Diet Resource centre containing everything you need to navigate grocery stores and restaurant menus with an Unsugar Lens:

recipes, checklists, guidelines for the sugar detox; tips for buying groceries; tips for eating out and other special occasions;

  • Peer support via the private Unsugar Facebook group so that you can connect with others following the same path at the same time

Losing weight shouldn’t be so difficult, full of do’s and don’ts, so take back control of your life and live your potential by following the three simple steps that you’ll learn in the Unsugar Diet. Join us for the Unsugar Diet course today: Click here to register. Register Now (1)

So if you’re ready to say Goodbye to your fat once and for all, and hello to a whole new you. Then click here to register.

Register Now (1) Guarantee: The Unsugar Diet contains information that could positively change your life. The only caveat is that you need to act on the insight. I am so convinced that my Unsugar Diet will work for you, that I am willing to price it on value delivered. In other words, once you go through the course, if you feel it isn’t worth $49, let us know what you think it’s worth and we’ll refund the difference and take your feedback on board. Similar, if you get more value than $49, then donate the difference to a charity of your choice.

Lawrence Mitchell is a certified health and wellbeing coach, author, distance runner and founder of Raw Energy which specialises in teaching business women and men how to eat well to look and feel great. He is a regular contributor to Men’s Running; blogger and the author of Sugar: Sickly and Sweet.