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Chocolate, Nut and Date Fudge

I haven't made this recipe yet, but it sounds delicious and comes from one of my favourite manufacturers of raw chocolate, The Raw Chocolate Company. 'This recipe makes around 40-50 pieces of fudge depending on how generous you are with sizes. Ingredients 180g your favourite

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Food Pyramids, Part 1

As a student of holistic health, I have studied almost every diet and way of eating which has been fascinating, if not a bit confusing. Confusing as they all make logical sense when you hear the champion present them and they are, in the main,

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Green Goddess Icecream

      I love green smoothies and green juices which are a daily habit for me. However, I so want others, particularly close to me to enjoy the benefits of drinking green drinks, but perhaps in a more fun way. That's why I was

Weight Loss Tip for the day

Some great suggestions here from Deborah Miller. I really relate to the first point and am very guilty of eating far too quickly...rather than taking the time to really enjoy and appreciate what i'm eating as Deborah suggests: 'I would suggest eating in a relaxed

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Wild Food

I heard on the radio this morning that this spring has been the coldest in Britain for decades. With that in mind, it's so good to have at least one warm day like today and I've taken the opportunity to go running in Richmond Park.

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Weight Loss Tip of the day

Today's health coaching tip comes from Ruth Loregio. This one really resonates with me as I recently fractured my foot as wasn't able to run for two months! Given that running has been an almost daily activity for me for the last 15 years, it

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Healthy snacks

When I first became interested in raw foods over 7 years ago, there was a limit to the number of delicious dishes available. Today, a trip to a health food store displays a full range of wonderful bars, many prepared with raw or wholefood ingredients.

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Weight Loss Strategies

In our society, a common health goal that many of us have is to 'lose weight'. A simple search on 'losing weight' in google throws up around 47 million results, consisting of books, articles, papers and case studies. A current popular diet is the

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