As a student of holistic health, I have studied almost every diet and way of eating which has been fascinating, if not a bit confusing. Confusing as they all make logical sense when you hear the champion present them and they are, in the main, all backed-up by some form of scientific evidence. Some of them stress low carbs, or low fats; whilst others exclude whole categories such as grains or dairy; whilst others focus on the way the food is prepared.

Naturally, many people are very confused and spend their lives reading different books and trying out what they preach. The five two diet seems to be the latest ‘Revolutionary’ way of losing weight!

Although nutritionists disagree over so many things, one aspect where there seems to be universal agreement is in eating a large quantity of vegetables, preferably green, leafy, organic vegetables which are full of nutritional benefits.

Given that most diets are now summarised in some form of pyramid, this week, I’ll be publishing a different food pyramid for your reference everyday. What’s the difference between the Macrobiotic diet or the increasingly popular Raw Food Diet? What can you eat on the Low Carb Diet? And what is the Primal Blueprint Diet all about?

Well, to start the series, below is the Primal Blueprint Diiet which advocates eating like our ancestors: