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Vegetarian Restaurant Review: Vanilla Black, London

Another step closer to achieving one of my 2014 resolutions: 'I will personally eat at 20 different vegetation, vegan or raw restaurants around the world by December and write a review on my blog for you.’ At a completely different level altogether is Vanilla Black.

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The war against sugar continues

How much sugar in Coke? The war against sugar doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowing down, and last week took a new turn as a growing number of scientists are convinced that Professor John Yudkin, a respected British Nutritionist who


Cycle to Australia

Here's a really interesting initiative if you're into cycling...and fancy cycling to Australia (from the UK). It's good to have a goal! Ride25 - Explore The World... Leg By Leg - YouTube.

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Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Robert Lustig caused waves when he delivered his speech Sugar: The Bitter Truth. It's a 90 minutes lecture. You definitely won't agree with all of his points, but his argument is compelling. If you agree, please 'Like' the post.

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Bodymetrics – the end of the tape measure

On the topic of tracking, one system that may interest you is the Bodymetrics scanner which provides super accurate measurements of most parts of your body. Yes, you can obtain these metrics with a tape measure, but it's far fiddlier, takes at least 10 times

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Personal Tracking – the insights so far

Ever since attending my first Quantified Self (QS) meet up six months ago, I have been inspired to track and measure many more aspects of my life. Whilst I've always tracked a number of things, I've taken this personal tracking to a completely new level

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Health & Wellbeing At Work – Occupation Health Magazine

Occupational Health Magazine interviewed me for an article on Workplace Wellbeing. The full article is here: Health & Wellbeing At Work - A Three Step Approach   Occupation Health Health and Wellbeing at Work

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Healthcare in the digital age

Here's a fascinating insight into how a data-driven approach to healthcare could, and is having a massive impact on the speed of diagnosis and ongoing monitoring to reduce risk. Watch this 8 minute video for a taster to see how Dr Eric Topol is using

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