Another step closer to achieving one of my 2014 resolutions: ‘I will personally eat at 20 different vegetation, vegan or raw restaurants around the world by December and write a review on my blog for you.’ Unknown-6 At a completely different level altogether is Vanilla Black. I had lunch with an old colleague yesterday at Vanilla Black’s London location. Everything about the place speaks ‘fine-dining’. This is the place where business deals are done; the place to wow your non-vegetarian friends. Once upon a time i was the publishing director of Caterer and Hotelkeeper, the magazine for chefs and restauranteurs, so it was nice to be back in that environment. The restaurant itself was exactly as you would expect: well laid tables; well groomed waiters and two wine glasses on each table. The menu was short – for lunch, there were two choices for each course. i ordered the soup to start, followed by seared seaweed and cabbage with pickled potatoes. I also ordered the treacle cake for dessert, but it was very disappointing. So what’s the overall verdict: DO go if

  • You love fine-dining and everything that brings with it
  • You enjoy eating food prepared by michelin starred chefs – the food tastes great and is very different (where do you see seared seaweed on the menu?)
  • You like eating food that resembles art – I was very impressed with the presentation. images-3
  • You want to go somewhere special, either for business or pleasure.
  • You love wine – they have a great menu
  • You like very attentive waiters who have been trained well
  • You’re a vegan. They have a separate menu, so remember to ask if you don’t like cream sauces

DON’T go

  • If you’re very hungry – the food is beautifully prepared, but can disappear very quickly if you don’t chew every mouth full 20 times!
  • If you’re on a budget – this is fine-dining which isn’t cheap!
  • If you’re in a rush. You pay for the ambience and the environment as much as the food. So if you’re in a hurry, go somewhere else.
  • If you’re into raw or organic food. The ingredients are good quality, but i couldn’t seen any indication of organic ingredients on the menu

Overall, I’d give Vanilla Black a 9/10. Whilst it’s not my favourite style of food, it’s very good if that’s what you’re looking for.