On the topic of tracking, one system that may interest you is the Bodymetrics scanner which provides super accurate measurements of most parts of your body.

Yes, you can obtain these metrics with a tape measure, but it’s far fiddlier, takes at least 10 times as long and is prone to human error!

As a Quantified-Self member, I was offered the opportunity to have a free scan, so last week, I took them up on the offer and travelled to Goodge Street in Central London to have my body scan.

Feeling rather apprehensive, I walked into the pod. It’s a very odd experience standing in a capsule that would be very at home in Star Trek. The first step is to watch a short video which shows you how to stand, keeping your hands at an appropriate distance from your body. Next comes a degree of disrobing; then a count down and then it’s over in literally a flash. I think the scan itself must have taken no more than 10 seconds!

My bodymetrics scan

Then came the results which were amazing I had measurements for my waist, chest, neck, ankles..even my calf muscles.

Not only that, but you could see how you compare to the broader population and what you’d look like if you gained or lost 10lbs.


Are you interested in having your own Bodymetrics scan? We’re offering some Raw Energy readers the opportunity. Simply complete the form below to register your interest.

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