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8 Foods That Experts Avoid – and Why You should Too

I discovered this great article on informative website - which identified 8 foods that experts avoid eating. It makes for a great read. Not only because there is some information that I just didn't know - and it's always good to learn new things,

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How to get a healthy balance in your life – Podcast Interview with Diane Randall

      If you're feeling in a constant state of stress and looking for help, you're in the right place. Life is very busy for many us, and all too often we feel out of control, overwhelmed and fearful that we're just not going

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Open Your Mind To What Is Possible

Open your mind to what is possible, and you’ll be surprised what you find It was 10 years ago today that my life changed. Looking back, it was a big turning point. At the time, I was at a cross-roads. I had just finished my

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