When you change the way you look at things

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How To Feel Happier & How To Stay That Way

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Of all the posts we've researched and published on how to feel happier, there's one thing that always comes up time and time again, and that is showing an 'attitude of gratitude'. Appreciating what you have now, rather than keep wishing for the things you don't

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10 Wellbeing & Happiness Hacks

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What makes you happy? Can you get happy quickly? Could you do with some happiness hacks? This is a question that I have been pondering a lot recently together with how I can get and stay happy without it being unnatural, too much effort, and

What Matters Most? Five Key Lessons from 2015

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What matters most? Happy New Year to you from myself and the team at Raw Energy. I truly hope that this is your best year ever.  I’ve had a couple of weeks off over the holiday period, which has given me the chance to try

Do Something Creative Every Day

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Do Something Creative Every Day To Reduce Stress   We all have the potential to be creative, and even though some of us are more left-brained (analytic) than right (creative), throwing yourself into a creative activity is a great way to energise yourself and stave

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Happy World Happiness Day!


Thinking positively Happy World Happiness Day! It's World Happiness Day today which may seem odd to you, given that happiness is such a fundamental part of life which virtually everyone strives for. But what is happiness? Defining it is difficult as happiness is actually a

The Secrets of Happiness


At the Wellbeing Symposium in Kent a couple of weeks ago, delegates were asked what happiness meant to them and to note down their thoughts on a card and pin it on the board. You can see the result below. What's interesting is that everyone

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