Calcium For Health

Australian teenagers have the highest calcium needs but are most likely to be deficient SumoSalad's resident nutritionist Ashleigh James gives her tips on healthy eating and wellbeing Calcium is an important part of the daily diet and is essential for the growth of strong bones and

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5 Easy ways to get more energy

If you’re already on a path and doing OK - but want to take your life to the next level, here are some tried and tested ways to boost your energy levels.  A few changes to your diet and lifestyle, repeated consistently over time, could see

Five Foods To Boost Resilience and Reduce Stress

‘Stress Is The Number One Epidemic Of Our Time, Directly Or Indirectly Responsible For Cardio Problems And Inflammation’ Deepak Chopra Living in the 21st Century is super exciting on the one-hand, but very challenging on the other. It is exciting as the pace of change,

The Triathlon Show 2014 Review

It was the Triathlon Show this weekend at Sandown Park in Esher (UK) and I went along to run in the 10k race and find out what new innovations were being launched to the marketplace. I'm a keen runner and have done many races in




The three Treasures

I heard Ron Teeguarden be interviewed last week when i was in Cyrpus. Ron is a herbelist who became interested in chinese medicine back in the 60s and set up Dragon Herbs where i get my tonic herbal supplements from.


Do we need vitamin supplements or not?

This is a question that is often asked and and one could easily argue that spending money on all of these supplements is a big waste. BUT - and it's a big BUT - this is true if the food you're eating is nutrient-dense. As

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