It was the Triathlon Show this weekend at Sandown Park in Esher (UK) and I went along to run in the 10k race and find out what new innovations were being launched to the marketplace.

I’m a keen runner and have done many races in the past, including the 10K this morning at the show. I haven’t actually done a triathlon although I’ve toyed with the idea for some while…

So the day started with the 10k run. It was an ok run for me as I know the course very well, but i think it fair to say that I didn’t push myself beyond my limits until the very last 400 metres! I didn’t worry about the competition and I finished well, although my time must be a personal worse!!

UnknownBroadly speaking the show divided into 5 main sections: Nutrition, Running, Cycling, Swimming and Events

The nutrition section interested me the most and was full of energy bars, gells and drinks.

What’s my view of energy products? Well, I used to take the High-5 gells during my marathon running days. They certainly worked for me in those days, giving me an essential boost during critical points in the race. Would I take them today? Well, my knowledge of nutrition has grown hugely over the last 9 years and now i see most of these products as highly processed concoctions, most of which contain high amounts of fructose which I don’t recommend. Check out my book: Sugar:Sickly or Sweet for more insight on Fructose.

Today, i opt for more natural energy drinks and bars, so if would prefer an alternative to the mass market options to keep your body moving, there are a couple of options:

  • Prepare Electrolyte Lemonade which many people swear by.
  • Train your body to burn fat rather than carbs. This option does require a complete mind shift and I recommending reading Stu Mittleman’s excellent book : Slow Burn: Burn Fat Faster by Exercising Slower. I read this about 7 years ago now and it completely changed my perspective on endurance exercise. After all Stu ran across America, completing two marathons per day..

The Running Section of the show seemed limited of innovations compared to last year. i was expecting more technology, but i either missed it completely or it wasn’t there. I did buy an arm band to carry my phone with me when running which will prove useful.

images-1Similarly, the cycle and swimming sections were interesting if, of course, you’re into cycling or swimming. I’m more of a cyclist than a swimmer, although I did pause for a bit to find out about wild water swimming lessons. I can swim, but my technique isn’t great and I have often considered focusing on improving my technique. I listened for a while and quickly decided to leave the swimming lessons in my ‘Future Box’!

The section that really did interest me was the events. There are so many events happening across the Uk and I chatted to the organiser of the Wimbledon Common Summer Breeze half marathon and 10k in July. I was also very tempted by prospect of a training holiday somewhere warm and entered every contest available in the hope of winning a free week in Majorca or Italy…

So In short, The Triathlon Show 2014 was a good event. Although the name of the show ‘Triathlon Show’ could easily exclude people who are focused on just one of the three sports, it’s well worth a visit.