Step Outside of Your Life: My Sukhavati Wellness Retreat Experience

When I walked through the gates of Sukhavati in Bali, I entered a magical world of healing. 6 days later, I left that same world with new perspectives, new friendships, a clarity of mind and an excitement to recreate some of the

  • Work-Life integration

Work-life Integration: Buzz Word Bingo?

'Work-life Integration: Buzz Word Bingo? 'Work-life integration' is the big buzz word at the moment, replacing the former ‘work-life balance’ concept that many people struggled with, as the balance always seemed to always be tipped in the 'work' direction!

Bounce-back Ability

Debbie Walker interviewed Helen Turier on her Food for Thought programme last week. Helen is a trained nurse, NLP practioner and reflexologist and author of Bounce-back Ability. The book outlines Helen's model for dealing with stress and getting your life back into balance. She calls

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