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  • the serenity collective

Eating for Mental Health & Resilience

Lawrence, on a guest post for the Serenity Collective, talks about the role the food plays in psychological health. and eating for mental health.  He also gives some practical tips on how to introduce healthy food into the workplace.

  • Fruit salad bowl eating for performance

Eating For Performance

If you wish you had more energy to get you through the day, then you need to think about Eating For Performance. Want to find out how? Then you're in the right place. Today's video talk comes from Lyndy Stanway Marsh, a health coach from

  • Raw Food Pyramid

The Raw Vegan Living Food Diet 101

Of all of the nutritional theories out there, The Raw Food Diet is arguably the most restrictive and most different to everyday eating. Why? Simply because there are lots of constraints; notably that food shouldn't be eaten if it's cooked, and cooked is equal to

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