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Create a Revolution in your Kitchen: 4 Superfoods you can easily create at home

The Raw Food Pyramid - Colourful & Healthful Back in 2012, we moved to a really lovely house in Surrey, South West of London. At the very bottom of our new home’s garden, was a little section of wilderness. We had a vision

Macrobiotic Diet Food Pyramid – what you need to know

Thanks to I first came across the Macrobiotic diet when a friend's father was suffering from cancer some years ago now. It sounded extremely restrictive and from that point, I always associated the diet and lifestyle  with brown rice and cancer sufferers. It

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The Raw Vegan Living Food Diet 101

Of all of the nutritional theories out there, The Raw Food Diet is arguably the most restrictive and most different to everyday eating. Why? Simply because there are lots of constraints; notably that food shouldn't be eaten if it's cooked, and cooked is equal to

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The Paleo Diet Food Pyramid: 5 things to know

    The Paleo Diet Food Pyramid - Not a grain or any processed food in sight! And I'd like to say Thanks To Health=Freedom for this great infographic As a student of holistic health, I have studied almost every diet and nutritional

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The Integrative Nutrition Plate

The final one of the series isn't a pyramid at all, but a plate which makes it alot easier in many ways to determine quantities: I hope you have enjoyed the series. If you're interested in a one-to-one consultation with a holistic health coach, we're

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Raw Food Pyramid

So, day four of our healthy food pyramids. So far we have covered the Primal Blueprint diet, low carb diet, macrobiotic, and today we have the raw food diet which has come along way since gourmet raw food has become more mainstream. That said, out

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Low Carb Pyramid

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