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Create a Revolution in your Kitchen: 4 Superfoods you can easily create at home

The Raw Food Pyramid - Colourful & Healthful Back in 2012, we moved to a really lovely house in Surrey, South West of London. At the very bottom of our new home’s garden, was a little section of wilderness. We had a vision

  • Raw Energy Show, Episode 4

Raw Energy Show, Episode 4

Happy new year! It has been so wonderful having a couple of weeks off – exploring Sydney’s Central Coast, spending some amazing times with my family, catching-up on reading and planning 2018 which is always a big focus for me at this time of year. Whereas 2017 was the year of massive change, 2018 for me, is the year of focus, consistency and discipline. These words have kept coming up for me, so I decided to make ‘focus’ my ‘word of 2018’.

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Top tips to boost your energy whilst travelling

Don’t Let This Happen To You – Eat Well To Live Long

Here's a powerful, if upsetting, video that highlights the importance of having healthy eating habits incorporated into your life. These habits start from childhood - and you can positively (or negatively) influence your children too as this video shows. So don't let this happen to

The Global Food Waste Scandal Tristram Stuart is the author of 'Waste-Uncovering the Global Food Scandal. After reading it, your life will never be the same again! Here's Tristan's TED Talk which gives you a good summary.

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The Five Food Felons

I caught-up with a good friend of mine the other day - a guy who is super busy and just does not have the time to work out what he should and shouldn't eat. He asked me what he should avoid - I think Michael

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